Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not one bit...

I am not at all sitting here in a stupor trying to wake up with some cups of coffee and barely succeeding. No, not at all. And I have not just eaten two slices of toast trying to achieve the same. Maybe this ice cold glass of water will do the trick. Well yes, if I pour it down my back, but I intend to drink it, although anything is worth a try.
I have to get up on time to go to yoga in the morning, so my being up now is just a short interlude between periods of sleep. Tyke was very insistent that I get up to let him out back and then I could not resist the temptation to stay up for a while like I always do. It is an old habit by now and one I calculate into my nightly sleeping pattern. Soon enough, common sense will take a hold of me and I will go back to bed.
I am drinking decaf now so as to not become overly alert, but maybe my mind will be fooled into being perky anyway. It certainly does taste as though I am drinking regular coffee, but that is because I am drinking the better brand. When I was at my sister's on Sunday, I had creamy butter windmill cookies and I sure wish I had some of them to go with my coffee now. But if I were to buy those, I would eat the whole package of them in the shortest amount of time and gain a kilo, so I better not do that.
I have been reading in my Betty Crocker cookbook about making quiches and I am sure tempted to try one. My personal helper had made one with Boursin cheese and had brought me a piece to eat. It was delicious and made me crave more. You can basically make up your own filling and it is not to difficult to make one. All I have to do is give the baking sheet of the oven a good scrubbing. I have the oven cleaner to do this, so there is nothing to stop me.
I feel like wearing cheerful clothes in the morning, but I hope this has nothing to do with being hypomanic. I sure do distrust my moods right now and if I feel like wearing yellow or red, I immediately try to work out why that is. I really must do the opposite of what I feel like doing and tone everything down, just like I have been avoiding all sorts of triggers. For that reason, maybe I should wear gray and black. It may be better to be a bit subdued.
I do wonder what sorts of yoga exercises I am going to learn today and which muscles will ache tomorrow so I will know that I have had a good work out. There is some satisfaction in feeling some kinds of pain, especially if you can take a pill for it afterwards.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How COOL that you've added official yoga and the tai chi to your regimen! Maybe it will help you to sleep after your body enjoys the benefits of those exercises.
Of course, nothing makes me sleep quite so well as an hour or so outside in the fresh air...