Sunday, June 06, 2010

Half a night...

I've only slept half a night and have been up for an hour now, but already the earliest birds are singing their song. It's incredible, because there are 45 minutes to go until it starts to get light. They sound as cheerful as anything and very uplifting. It makes you completely ready to face the day. Actually, it makes me want to go out and walk Tyke, but it's way to early for that yet. It does make you feel very much alive and full of good intentions. I have to try and capture this feeling and not let it go.

Of course, the sun comes up early in June and goes down late. When I go to bed at night, it is still light outside. I fall asleep, regardless. Of course, it's my intention to wake up when the sun has come up again, but it doesn't always work out that way. I did try to go back to sleep, but Tyke decided it was time to get up and jumped on the bed after I had been up to go to the toilet. He practically laid down on top of me and washed my face with his tongue. That was a good way to wake up completely.

It's been a nice and peaceful weekend so far. Saturday went by as if it was already Sunday and it was a complete day of rest. I putzed around a little bit, but didn't really get that much accomplished. There was no real need to either. Today I will wash the dishes and change my bed and do a load of laundry and dust and sweep if I have to. I will do the most necessary things to have the apartment in good shape for when the domestic help gets here tomorrow. Then she can do the harder work, such as cleaning the bedroom windows and the woodwork.

Friday was a busy day here. Everybody came and went and I was glad when I reached the end of the day and I had the apartment to myself again. After you've had a busy week, it's nice to have a peaceful weekend. In every body's opinion, the living room looks much better with the furniture the way it is arranged now and I can only concur. I like it better too. I think for the domestic help it is easier to clean, because things are arranged much more logically now and it easier to drag the vacuum cleaner through it. It's more spacious.

Because I have so much sun in the afternoon on the living room windows. and ordinary plants don't do well there as a rule, I was thinking about buying geraniums and placing them on the windowsills there. I had geraniums in boxes outside in California and they did well in the sunlight. I want some blossoming plants and could only think of geraniums as hardy enough to take the heat. I don't know if geraniums have any scent, but it would be nice if they did. That would be a bonus. I'm thinking about getting red ones, because I have several red items in my living room. I will go to the flower shop next week and see what's available.

It's light out now, but overcast. Rain has been predicted for today, but it hadn't looked like it would come this far south. A little mistake from the meteorologists. I don't mind the rain really, as long as it doesn't come down in massive amounts. It's quite cozy other than that. It does allow you to wear some clothes and I'm all for that. You can wear your leggings without feeling that you're overdressed. And maybe even your boots, not to mention a nice scarf.

I've just made myself a second cup of coffee, so I have to finish that before I take Tyke out. I had a glass of milk also. It was thirst quenching. I have old fashioned candies on my desk. I eat them sparingly, but a few every day. These are called butter wafers and they taste delicious. I like to take two at the time and make them last as long as possible. Tyke would like to take them out of my mouth, he's so eager to get them too, but I won't give him any. I can just see him choke on one.

Have a really good Sunday.



Maggie May said...

Now that the weather has turned hot and I sleep with the windows open, it is possible to hear the dawn chorus of birds.
It is really amazing. It used to be a thing that we grew up with but double glazing stopped us hearing it.

Hoping you have a wonderful day today with Tyke.
If you want to see my Rasta cap, then pop over!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

It is amazing the birdsong, I heard it too but then the rains came and pushed the birds back into their little nests....
Your living room sounds lovely, are you going to share the pics and I love the idea of geraniums...
What did you say about George?

Gail said...

Beautiful greeting of the day.