Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A sunny day?

I had a shorter night last night, but I woke up all sweaty and bothered at 5:30 this morning and I couldn't figure out why, unless I need to wear even less clothes when I go to bed and keep the windows open when I sleep. I doesn't get that awfully cold at night right now, so it is possible. I'm sitting here in my tank top and leggings now getting positively chilly, but it does feel good to cool down. I'll have to go put my bathrobe on, though, and get warm again in just awhile. I'm not in the menopause, I've got that behind me already.

I've just had a coffee and a glass of cold milk. I felt like I was parched as if I had been in the desert for a while.I've been told that this is a side effect of the medication. I don't want to drink the lemonade, having had a bad experience with that, but I'll try it again one of these days when it doesn't matter so much that I get real tired. Maybe it was a fluke and a coincidence and I should not give it up so easily.

I was just making cigarettes at the dining room table and didn't see Tyke anywhere. I looked all around the living room to see where he was except in the most obvious place, which was right by my feet where he was curled up in a ball as close to me as he could get. He has rejected the dog pillow with the newly washed cover, so I will have to buy him a new pillow. I have to see to the state of my finances first and see when I can afford to buy it. I hope he takes to the new pillow and wonder how that will work out. I do want him to have a place where he can be comfortable, although right now that seems to be wherever I am and on the hard floor.

I'm so glad I changed the living room back to how it used to be. It looks so much better now and much more in balance. It was alright for me to have changed it and try that out for awhile, but it looks much nicer the way it is now. I do still have to have some of my big collages framed, but the expense is keeping me from doing it right now. I'll have to try and save up some money so I can get that done. I know they will look good and I'm proud of my own artwork and would love to show it. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Why be falsely modest?

The weather is going to be nice today. The sun is already shining and we're not going to have any more rain. The temperature will get up to 22C. That means wearing less clothes and summer shoes, single layer clothing and maybe a jacket when I go to walk Tyke in the early morning chill. It does make a person cheerful to see the sun again after a few days of gloom. I will hang the laundry outside to dry and that will make it smell good. That always cheers up my closet too. Those lavender pouches don't work anyway. Cute idea, but...

I have the day off. There's nothing on my schedule. It will be a good day to putz around and do odd jobs. Maybe I will go and buy some new plants, They don't cost an arm and a leg, although one of my plants is making a comeback. It has new little leaves poking out of the soil all over the place. It's getting TLC. The other two that I have left are barely hanging in there. They need to be replaced with something hardier. Something that is hard to kill, that is.

I have to go walk Tyke now and put ointment in his eye. No doubt he wants to eat too. He does have his needs. But first I have to get dressed.



Twain12 said...

sounds like a good day. Hope you find some pretty plants

Gail said...

Rearranging furniture, that is always good. It is nice the way the least little change can cheer one up so much.

Have a wonderful day.

aims said...

You sound so much better my friend. Keep at it.

Bernie said...

Changing your furniture around if only for a couple of days is a good thing, it is a change.
You are sounding so much better Nora and I am so happy for you.
Hope Tykes eye is better.....:Hugs

Wisewebwoman said...

Goodonya, my friend, keeping busy and thinking of framing the artwork. Your creativity needs expression on your walls, you are so talented.