Sunday, June 20, 2010

Done sleeping now.

I slept all morning and I just slept several hours on the sofa and I think I'm finally done sleeping now, because now I feel in a good mood and it is the first time today that I do. I tried to write a post earlier, but I was so depressed that I had to stop writing in case it became one big lament. I was just in need of sleep, except that I didn't realize it. I thought I had gotten all my sleep in the morning.

You see, not enough sleep always bothers me tremendously, but who's to say what is enough sleep in my case? It may have to be many hours before I've had enough. Whenever I don't feel that I'm in a very good mood, the first thing I ought to do is go back to sleep, but even I forget to do that, because I think I've already had enough. When I start feeling depressed, I ought to go to sleep and sleep for at least several hours before I wake up and feel in a good mood again.

That's why I think I'm not doing all that great right now and that's why I need so much sleep. It can possibly be because of the weather which has been gloomy. I claim it doesn't bother me, but maybe subconsciously it does. I always say that I like it when it is cool, but maybe these gray skies and little sunshine aren't so good for me. I don't know if you react to the weather that much and I would be curious to hear. Do you need to sleep as much?

It's been tough to motivate myself to get things done, but I did manage to do the dishes and do a load of laundry. I also went around and picked up handfuls of dog hair, because Tyke is shedding a bit. I cleaned up my desk and changed the bed last night and slept between clean sheets. I even went to the gas station at noontime and picked up cigarettes and a Mars candy bar. It was delicious. I almost never do that and Tyke was very sad that I didn't share it with him.

I have to clean the lower parts of the living room windows where the cats have been breathing on them in their effort to see what's happening in the street. Luckily, Tyke doesn't dirty them anymore. He can only stand on his hind legs to look through them. It's quite funny to see him standing there. He looks like a little person looking out the window and his head just sticks out above the windowsill. He can't breathe on the glass anymore.

I just took him for a walk and the sky is still very cloudy and gray. It looks like it is going to rain, but it doesn't and it's cold too. You need a cardigan and a jacket and I wear a scarf. I've also got leggings on and my boots. I was dressed for a day in March.

I'm going to get my pajamas on early and make myself comfortable. Oh yes, first I have to take out the trash and the green bin. I must not forget that. I have the need to sleep again, but I'm going to wait until it is a decent hour to go to bed. I do want to stick to some sort of normal schedule. Well, whatever counts for normal around here. I'm yawning something awful, though, and I'm sure that if I were to lie down on the sofa now, I would be sound asleep again in no time. So I better not go there.

Alright, so I better go and take out the trash and then put on my pajamas. I've got to make it cozy for myself.

Have a good evening, everyone.



Bev said...

We are getting a lot of dull weather too and I think it does depress the spirits somewhat.

Good for you treating youself to a Mars bar! I often treat my self to Milky Way 'Magic Stars' which are tiny little stars which, if you eat them one at a time, last quite a long time so maximum enjoyment for minimum calories! A little bit of what you fancy does you good as they say.

Wisewebwoman said...

Have you had your blood sugar levels checked, TCS?
Sleepiness and thirst a big sign of sugar in the blood?
Just a suggestion.

Gail said...

Dreary weather does may me sleepy. I want to cuddle up with a good book and fall asleep.

I have been out in the monster heat that we have in Arkansas today and looks like we are headed for a hundred Tuesday.

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Twain12 said...

i don't sleep a lot and very rarely sleep during the day, but i can imagine the gray weather would depress the mood somewhat.
I hope you have a good night

Nora said...

Hi Bev, yes, you do have to treat yourself to some nice sweets every once in a while. I don't do it very often, so it is permissable. That Mars bar does have me longing for more, though, and I may get another one today. Isn't that decadent of me? I don't know Magic Stars, but they sound great.


Lucky Dip Lisa said...

You have clever pets. My cat is happy to sleep all day and totally miss what's going on! Never mind clever things like breathing on windows! lol

Thanks for your well wishes for my son. He's still unwell and unhappy poor fella.

mmmm, mars...I hope you enjoyed it for me too!