Sunday, June 06, 2010

Taking a break.

I've walked Tyke and washed the dishes and changed my bed. Then I fooled around with the look of my blog. You know how it is, while I was waiting for the washing machine to get done, I couldn't leave well enough alone and I found a great website with lots of blogger backgrounds. Well yes, I am fickle and I do change my mind. That's my prerogative as a woman and I must be very feminine. Not that I hadn't noticed that before, but I do exaggerate sometimes. At least I don't wear nail polish on my toe nails. I haven't quite gone as far as that. I'll let you know when I get to that point.

I've even changed my glasses and put on the pair that I thought I had lost, but that showed up in the box of art supplies. They are rectangular, as opposed to my other pair which are oval. They look quite different and until I get comments on them, I don't know how I feel about them. You see, I can't make up my own mind. The woman in the shop helped me pick them out, but once I had them, I got enormous doubts about them and didn't wear them that often. Well, just often enough to lose them for a while. I thought they weren't meant to be until I found them again.

I've misplaced a denim mini skirt and I have no idea where it is. It's not in any of the usual places, so it's a mystery to me. How can a mini skirt disappear? It's not that little. I did have to fit into it. It will probably show up in some odd place where I haven't looked yet and that is completely illogical for a mini skirt to be. I'll let you know when it shows up.

I just walked Tyke again in the hot noontime sun. The clouds that were here earlier burnt away and now we have blue skies again. There are some clouds at the horizon, so there may be rain yet, but I doubt it. It doesn't look threatening enough. It's hot in the sun and I didn't make it a long walk. We did that in the morning when it was still cool. There's all sorts of shrubbery blooming now, which I can't identify, but which smells good. Most of them have white flowers. That seems to be the most common blossom here, except for the fruit trees which are pink and white. Some of them are still blooming too.

I should now get the laundry out of the machine and hang it up to dry, but my feet are sore from walking. I want to get some black high tops with white laces and wear those with my black leggings. I think they will be comfortable to walk in instead of these summer shoes and sandals. There's always some area of my foot that's being pinched by something.

Well, I took care of that quickly. I just ordered some on line and they were very reasonably priced and I bought them on credit. They will be mine in less than four payments. That's the way to do business. I will pay them off quicker than that, though. I don't want to walk on unowned shoes and I can't buy anything else until they're payed for. That's my rule. It will be nice to walk in something comfortable and not be pinched everywhere. My toes and my heels will be very grateful, I'm sure. So will the soles of my feet.

I will try not to take a nap today, even though I got up very early. It's better to be totally beat tonight. I think I will just find more chores to do instead. I've cleaned out that cabinet I was talking about the other day. It turned out not to be so much work. I just needed a plastic bag for the junk and a paper bag for the obsolete medicines that can go to the pharmacy. The rest of the things in there needed to be organized and that was done quickly.

I need the same kind of initiative when I clean out the chest of drawers. It just needs to hit me that it is what I'm going to do and then nothing will stop me. Actually, the Exfactor needs to look through them first and see if there's anything that belongs to him before I throw it away, because I'm ruthless. I have no mercy when it comes to tossing things out. I don't like to hold on to useless items.

Speaking of useless items, I have to remember to put the trash out tonight. It's that time of the week again. Last week I forgot to put out the recyclable paper and I now have a big box of it sitting in my hallway waiting for the next pick up day. These used to be the Exfactor's jobs and I'm still not used to doing them and have a tendency to forget. I'm only reminded because I see other people's stuff sitting out on the curb. Then I walk inside and forget about it again. I'm very absentminded. It's a good thing my head is screwed on tight. If I live carefully and pay close attention to the details, I do okay. An agenda is a very handy thing to have, though. Especially if you look in it every day.

Well, I'm going to hang up the laundry now and dust the living room. It looks pretty spotless, but you never know... A domestic help sees hidden dirt. Dirt that an ordinary person is unaware of. I see some myself now on the baseboard under the radiator.

Have yourself a nice day. I will take some pictures of the living room and post those soon.




Gail said...

I look forward to seeing your changes in the living room.

Sounds like you are very productive and happy today. Send some my way.

Twain12 said...

i have an old pair of adidas sneakers i use for walking and they are quite comfy. Still rainy here but i managed to walk the dogs between the rain. I hope you have a good day and hope you find your skirt

Babaloo said...

Hope you find that skirt. It can't have somehow landed in the stuff you sorted out a while ago? In one of the big black bags?

Oh, and you know that you probably have a calender on your mobile phone? Where you could set yourself a weekly reminder for the trash bins/bags etc? Just a thought... ;-)

Sorry I've been so absent from your blog. Just very busy with minding the 2 boys and now I'm sick with another stomach bug this weekend. Great timing. :-(