Thursday, June 24, 2010

A long time...

It seems like a long time ago since I last posted, but it was only yesterday, I think, when I last did. Yes, it was early in the morning when I wrote my last post on Wednesday. Normally I don't wait that long, because I always have so much to tell. This is an exception then to the rule. I don't really have that much to tell. I'll try to come up with something anyway.

I'll tell you about the weather first, which has been splendid. Today it is 27 degrees Celsius and the sun has been shining non stop, as it did yesterday. There's a breeze blowing to cool things off just a bit, so you don't feel stifled. It's just warm air blowing about, but it does give you the feeling that you can breathe.

The apartment is staying relatively cool, because it's insulated well from the heat. I have the window shades three quarters of the way down so the sun doesn't shine into the living room relentlessly. All the doors are open and the windows are open on top. The back of the apartment is in the shade and very cool. I feel a little bit of a draft by my bare feet and it is very pleasant.

Because my sister is in Italy this week, I took Tyke to her house yesterday and watered all the potted plants in her garden with the watering can. It was a fun job and reminded me of my own gardening days. Things are growing well in her garden and it was enjoyable to go from one pot to the next and look at the flowers. The lobelia and the geraniums did best. Tyke had a ball running around and it made me wish I had such a large area myself for him to play in. I'm going to water the plants again tomorrow, unless we get that shower that has been predicted.

The Exfactor was here yesterday and did the groceries for me. On the way home, he stopped by the Turkish vegetable and fruit man and bought a basket of strawberries. They were so red and ripe and sweet, that you could not stop eating them and I ate them all day long until they were gone. Tyke ate some of them too, until his dog instincts took over and he realized that he didn't like strawberries. The Turkish man always has very good fruit and gets new deliveries every day. A lot of people who shop at the supermarket, stop there to buy their produce. His prices are very good too.

The Exfactor bought me a better washing powder that I can't wait to try out. It was more expensive than the one I always get, but I figure it will do a better job too. What I want more than anything, though, is for the laundry to smell good. The washing powder that I have doesn't do that so much. I want the closet to smell like clean laundry when I open the doors. Especially the sheets and pillow cases, but everything really. If I can achieve that, I will be very happy. There, don't I sound like a proper housewife? I may fall for any advertising scheme.

Today I slept a lot. First in my bed and then on the sofa. I was not in the mood to do much, not even for sitting behind the computer very much. I really just needed to sleep. It's probably because of the change of weather. By all rights I should be lying out in the sun getting a tan, but with my luck I would get bright red or get freckles.

That's all the news I have to tell you for today. I hope you all had a good day and nice weather like I did. I'm in the mood for an ice cream.



Bernie said...

Our weather is beautiful as well Nora and I am so enjoying it.
So glad the exfactor got your groceries and you were able to water you sister's plants. Perhaps you should house sit for her when she is away so that you and your animals can enjoy the yard for a short time anyway.
Glad summer has arrived for you as well. I am waiting for the repair man to fix my fridge. What a mess, everything has thawed and had to be thrown out.
Have a great day my friend.....Hugs

Twain12 said...

sounds like you had a good day..rainy and cool in our neck of the woods. I like it too when the laundry smells nice :)
Have a good evening

Bev said...

It was lovely here too.

Glad Tyke enjoyed his strawberries. He is the second dog I have heard of who will eat strawberries. Aren't dogs funny!

Maggie May said...

The weather here is very hot today. I feel its just a little bit too hot!
Brilliant that you and Tyke go to your sisters to water the pots.
I wish you lived here for when I'm on holiday! You could do mine!

Not surprised you both ate the strawberries.
Very soon I will be able to let Ash try one. Rabbits are supposed to love strawberries. He loves pear, apple and carrots but I cannot give him very much at his age or he will get stomach problems.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Frances said...

Our dog eats almost anything if we are eating it with pleasure and anyone gives him some from the table. Yum, human food! he seems to say! LOL

Lane said...

Perfect weather hear too.

I'm always on the trail for the perfect fresh laundry smell too. It sure is elusive - if you don't hang your washing outside that is.

Gail said...

Hot, hot, hot, here. Glad you had a wonderful relaxing day. We all need those now and then.

Wisewebwoman said...

Rain back again right now, we had a lovely summer for 2 days.
I hope my newly planted herbs won't float away but my 20 new trees are OK.
Aren't pots just lovely when full with flowers, I've yet to plant mine but I'm all set to go.....
Strawberries. YUM, Ansa wouldn't touch..

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh - I find Arm & Hammer give that lovely scent to laundry - that plus the outdoors and sea air which I'm lucky to be amongst.
A&H is probs chock full of crap, right? LOL