Monday, June 07, 2010

Waiting for the finish...

My Monday domestic help is here and I think she is not pleased about having to clean the bedroom windows and woodwork. She doesn't seem very happy anyway. She's making it extra hard on herself by ignoring a very good cleaning product that I recommended and the glass cleaning product. She wants to be stubborn and do it her own way with an all purpose cleaner.

Oh, look at me, talking badly about my domestic help. That's not very mice. I mustn't do that and change my tune immediately. It's the result that counts in the end and I will praise her for that. If she wants to use more elbow grease, then that's up to her.

I'm expecting the Exfactor and really need to make a shopping list, but some things are already written down. They are mostly more cleaning products and vacuum cleaner bags. Those women do got through those things like crazy. Things that may last me a few months are gone in several weeks time. They prepare one bucket of suds after the other and spray cleaner and degreaser as if there is no end to it. I must say, though, that my apartment is very clean. I never got it that clean myself.

The Exfactor has gotten here in the meantime and has had a cup of coffee and has now gone to the store armed with my shopping list and my bank card. Before that, Tyke got a hold of his motorcycle glove and was chewing on it. It had been left in the wrong place. There was too much temptation. The Exfactor hit him over the head with it.

The domestic help has just left. She got the windows and the woodwork and the windowsill very clean and I praised and thanked her a lot. We were both pleased. It had been a tough job for her, I get the feeling. She'll have to do the same job in the spare bedroom next week. I must always remember to be appreciative of her, no matter how stubborn she is.

I got 5 hours of sleep this morning. It wasn't really enough, but I will catch up on the rest of it tonight. I didn't want to be caught asleep in bed by anyone, but as it turned out, I had lots of time to wake up and do a few chores and walk Tyke. It never did cool off in the apartment more, even though it was cool in the beginning of the day. Now the sun is shining again and the light is coming straight through the living room windows, warming up the place.

The Exfactor fixed the blind that I had broken. I had moved it and caused the cord not to work anymore. I couldn't pull the blind up, try as I might. I fiddled with it, but couldn't figure out how to fix it. I knew I didn't have the insight to repair it and that the Exfactor did and I was right. He repaired it in a few minutes and turned the blind over so the other side of it would show and did the same thing to the other blind. Now they hang free of the window and allow more of a draft to come through. Isn't he smart? He has more technical ability than I do. That's why he should have been an engineer. I kid you not.

Now he is gone again after he delivered the groceries and had one more cup of coffee. I'm all on my own again with Tyke and the cats. Toby is lying in the paper box and Gandhi is outside on the patio.

I can't wait for my high tops to get here, because my feet are very sore from my shoes, but I have to wear them. Of course, I could try on some sandals. That's what I'll try next. Maybe they will be more comfortable. I have tan lines on my feet from my shoes. That's how often I've worn them, with no regard to the health of my feet at all. I just ignore them and suffer. How silly of me.

I'm wearing a denim skirt and a silky black tank top with my black and red and purple scarf. I do like the feel of the scarf around my neck, it gives me a sense of security, like a kid with its blanket that it carries around. I did find my denim mini skirt. It was in the closet right where it was supposed to be in the stack of skirts. I must have been blind when I looked before. I think I was looking for a different color denim and just didn't see it, it didn't register. So, that mystery is solved. Well, there was no mystery, actually.

I've just had my last cup of coffee. One thing I mustn't do is drink any more coffee now. I'm pretty sure that's what kept me awake last night. I must stick to juice and milk tonight. The Exfactor got me some multivitamin berry juice and it looks very appetizing. No doubt it will taste great. My mouth is already watering for it. I do have to get my vitamins in and stay as healthy as possible. Sometimes I get a shortage of them.

No doubt I will be writing another post in no time at all. I seem to be a bit addicted to blogging right now. This in spite of the fact that I do turn the computer off as much as possible and do get other things done. It is a temporary addiction, possibly, maybe because I'm a bit hyper and high strung. I'm not going to worry about it. I don't think I'm in any sort of trouble. I just need to drink less coffee and more milk. Warm milk, preferably, and I'm going to take a tranquilizer in just a minute. Just one to slow me down a bit.

Have a terrific rest of the Monday. I have to take my medicines and walk Tyke again.


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Bernie said...

Oh Nora I so would love to have someone come in every week and clean my townhouse....I do have a young girl come in every 3 weeks for a couple of hours but she basicall does the floors only, oh well housework is good exercise for me.......big hugs, ..:-)