Thursday, June 17, 2010


According to my new digital scale, I have lost 3 kilos. I bought my scale at the housewares store and I got it on sale. It is an expensive scale that also measures your body fat and body water content and muscle/fat percentage. It was marked down to the price of a cheaper scale. Of course, I have to program it to do all those things, but for now it tells me my weight and that is good enough. The rest will come later.

I now have about 4 kilos left to lose to reach the weight that the Obesitas Specialist said I should aim for, but I am going to try and lose more weight and aim for an additional 5 kilos, but if I lose the 4 kilos, I will have lost a total of 40 kilos, which is the equivalent of a small person.

I had planned to do more things, but I was so worn out from making that one purchase, that I laid down on the sofa and slept for 3 hours. Yes, I can´t believe it myself. I didn´t know I was short of sleep. I thought I was all caught up. Without realizing it, I was very tired and needed those extra hours. I felt a lot better when I woke up, but still pleasantly drowsy and tired enough to want to go to bed on time in the evening.

I slept like a bear in hibernation, but I did get up early and doubtlessly that means I will have to take another nap this afternoon. I have to do some chores today and I will get those done in the morning. There aren't that many to do, but just enough to make the place look cared for. My domestic help isn't going to be here tomorrow because she is moving and I will have to do some of the cleaning myself. I really don't mind. I'm more than capable of doing that.

I walked around the housewares store for a bit and saw all sorts of things that I needed, but it would have wiped out my budget if I had bought them all. A woman could go crazy in there, there was so much neat stuff. I saw the glasses I wanted and a new shower curtain and a new waste basket, but I just couldn't spend the money. The bathroom scale was more expensive than I had counted on. I'll see what I can buy with my next check.

Today is already Thursday and it seems that the week is flying by. Today is officially my day off. I never have any appointments on this day. Or very rarely anyway. I try not to have any commitments, but keep the day free for whatever I want to do. I think I will be reading a lot. I got "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" two days ago and I'm already fascinated by it, so I will read it. I've also got to go to the tobacco shop and buy two lighters, because the one the Exfactor got me is starting to run low on fuel and all I have is a box of matches that don't work well. So you see we are the victims of shoddy products and just have to accept that because they were cheap.

My punk hairdo is still very punky. It only got more so by sleeping on it. I'll rough it up a little more in a while and spray some hairspray on it. It should hold it sufficiently even when the wind is blowing. I like being just the slightest bit abstract. It matches my clothes. Oh, that reminds me, I've got to do a little bit of ironing today. There are some clothes that I want to wear that need to be ironed. They will look a heck of a lot better if I do. There's no getting around it. I have to put distilled water in the steam iron. Our water is too hard and it plugs up the holes on the bottom.

I've got to take my medicines and get dressed. It's time to take Tyke for his walk, though he is sound asleep on the coffee table. No doubt he is just waiting for me to get up, but at least he's not breathing down my neck. I've taken my vitamins and minerals pill an hour ago. I want to see if that way it doesn't interfere with my medication. I would be good if it doesn't, because I really need that those vitamins and minerals for my health. It would be very foolish to completely do without them.

I hope you have a nice day.



Frances said...

Sounding good and positive. The weather is glorious here, hope it is with you too.

Twain12 said...

congrats on the weight loss
Have a good and relaxing day ♥

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I would love one of those scales that tells you all the extra details. Though I'm sure I'd be about 50% fat! But it would be very interesting to see that information and keep track of it.

Possibly being in a different environment from normal and on your own as well was more tiring than you expected? Often works that way.

It will feel like a holiday not have the cleaner coming!

I saw some great glasses in a charity shop the other day. Do you have charity shops where you are?

Bearfriend xxxx

Wisewebwoman said...

Westher is stunning here today too, must be a global thing.
You sound well and happy, my dear.
Be sure to take both lysine and vitamin c for renewed vigor.

aims said...

Are you kidding me?!! 3 KILOS!! Woohooooooo! With your punk do and leggings you're going to be a walking babe!

You're making me so jealous you know.

I have one of those scales but someone used my setting and now it has to be reprogrammed. The Man was setting 1 and I was setting 2. Now I don't know where I am.....sounds so familiar to me somehow. ;0)

Bernie said...

Congratulations Nora....Woo Hoo!
I bet you look absolutely wonderful, I need one of those kind of scales that will tell me everything I need to know....may just help inspire me to loose weight.....10 - 15 pounds is all I need to loose but I haven't done anything about it...yet!
Have a great day.......:-0 Hugs