Friday, September 04, 2009

Happy Rainy Friday...

Well, it was raining earlier, quite hard, but I was inside, so I didn't suffer any discomfort from it. I was sitting out on the deck at the clinic about to light a cigarette when the first drops fell, so I moved to the smoker's room in a hurry and was joined by two fellow smokers and we very cozily listened to the rain hit the skylight.

I had creative therapy today and I worked on my painting and just about have it done. I have to add second layers of colors here and there, but that's it and I think I'm satisfied with it, but I can't wait to start a second, better one now that I know what I'm doing. There's always room for improvement, after all, and I can see what I could have done better, although I like what I've done well enough. You can see that I'm absolutely undecided about this painting, can't you?

I saw my ergo therapist and told her about the creative therapy I had on Wednesday when she was sick and how much I enjoyed it and if maybe I could add one of that therapist's classes back to my schedule. She wasn't too sure about that, because she didn't really want me to take on more than I could handle, but she thought it might be a good idea for me to trade my ergo therapy for a creative therapy class. She said she would discuss it with the team and let me know.

Now, I thought I would mind giving up ergo therapy, but when she put it to me, I realized that I didn't mind it at all if I could trade it for that creative therapy class. Isn't that funny? Maybe I'm all done with ergo therapy. It is true that lately I've been bored there a lot, not so much with my own issues, but with other people's issues. I don't have so much patience with them anymore. Especially not with the people who are starting from scratch.

I also had an evaluation at 1 pm. That means filling out questionnaires and multiple choice lists and discussing the questionnaires with one of the therapists afterwards. This is all in preparation for the meeting I will have with my therapists and my SPN on the 21st, when my end date will be picked, which hopefully will be at the end of December.

So, I filled out all the paperwork, which is always a bit of a pain in the neck, and discussed it with my creative therapist, who I have on Mondays and Fridays, and she had already heard about me dropping ergo therapy in favor of the other creative therapy class and she questioned me about it a bit. I told her about all the different techniques I could learn in that class and how I could apply those at home on my own and how excited I was about that. I think she could understand my excitement and really got into it with me, until it was practically a done deal. She said she would discuss it with my ergo therapist and let me know on Monday.

I am so excited about this and really want it to happen. I think if I push a little bit it will. I'll have to say my proper goodbyes to the ergo group, but then I'm more than ready to go. I'll not be like Lot's wife and look around and turn into a pillar of salt. Once I go, that's it, I'm gone for good. No doubts about it.

Well anyway, I was able to wear the boots I repaired yesterday. I had the right glue after all and the sole is stuck to the bottom very well. There were two other pairs of boots I could have worn, but these are the most comfortable and they fit the weather the best. The other boots are for when it gets colder.

I wore a long sweater and my blue jeans miniskirt and leggings and I felt so comfortable in them. Everything is a little big on me, so therefor the comfort.

This is all I've got to tell you. I don't know what else to add. Maybe I'll think of something later, but I'll have to save that for tomorrow morning. Oh yes. I've started reading Secret Scripture. So far, so good. Pretty fascinating, really.



Maggie May said...

Glad you have practically got the exchange of the classes sorted out.

It has been a dull day here and cooler.

Hope you have a good night tonight, Irene X

Patricia said...

hope you get your class you said, you can use what you learn at home and that's a good thing...I need all the techniques I can learn.
It's still warm here in southern real hint of a change in weather...we only know fall is coming because of the low slant of the sun and it's golden color...I love autumn.

aims said...

I'm hoping you let you change to that class too. Your talents shine in the creative classes.

I do not have the patience to do a group therapy where I must listen to the problems of others. I just can't do it. Tried and failed miserably. I can read about them but I can't listen to them. Strange that.

Got my fingers crossed for you my friend. Waiting impatiently for Monday now.

aims said...

btw - how I wish we had this kind of system here in Alberta. What care you get. It is astounding really!

Anonymous said...

This seems to be one of the most positive posts of yours I've read for a while. I'm so glad you are excited about this change and accepting the challenge head on. It's going to be great because from the sounds of it, you really want to make that change and take the step to a new start.

My love to you, Irene xx

The Green Stone Woman said...

Hi Patricia, I think I will get my class changed. I feel pretty good about it. I can't wait to apply the techniques at home also. First I have to get some supplies, though.

The slant of the sun is what makes the difference. That's what makes it look like Autumn. The light is so pretty. If I could only sleep through winter it would be perfect.

Gail said...

Those paints are calling you in loud voices...listen to them.

VioletSky said...

How great it must be to feel such excitement again - I'm sure they can see how beneficial the change will be for you.