Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Up early...

I've been up for a while, due to the fact that I slept on the sofa yesterday evening before I went to bed to sleep for the night and, of course, by 4 am I was all done sleeping and wide awake. But that's okay, because I do enjoy the early morning hours, as you all know, and I have been answering my emails and hanging out at Facebook in the meantime. It's where I keep track of what my daughter is doing. It's very handy for that and we actually keep track of each other this way.

Jesker is snoring something awful under the coffee table on his blanket. He is really out cold and oblivious of everything. A little while ago, a big hairy spider walked around by the desk, but neither he nor the cats did anything about it and now I don't know where it is. I pointed it out to Gandhi, but she looked at it and then just ignored it. If I feel something crawl up my leg, I'm going to scream. That may wake the neighbors, though, so it better be a muffled scream.

I've had a cup of coffee and a tall glass of juice, because I was so thirsty and nothing quenches your thirst better than a tall glass of cold juice, or it has to be a glass of cold milk, but I want to save my milk for other purposes. To make porridge with, for instance, whole grain porridge which I love so much and which is good for your innards. It's also high in vitamin B and iron.

But now I've got a cup of coffee again and Jesker has woken up. He had to do a piddle out back and be rewarded for that. He growled at Toby when Toby got to near to the bone that Jesker was chewing on. He sounds very ferocious when he growls and you'd think he was about to bite Toby's head off, but nothing could be further from the truth. He just makes a lot of noise and is all brawn. Toby is not the least bit intimidated by him and only very slowly moves a few inches away from him. Toby is a tough cat, after all, and Jesker knows it. He is much kinder to Gandhi who he plays with.

The coffee tastes good. It doesn't always. Every once in a while I have cup that just doesn't make it and that I can empty straight into the kitchen sink. The Senseo machine does let me down sometimes. Which reminds me that it's time to run a bottle of cleaning vinegar through it again. I should do it once a month, but I end up doing it every few months, which I think is still pretty good. As housewives go I'm not all that bad.

Today is house cleaning day, though. I have to vacuum and dust and water the plants really well, because I only did a humdrum job on Saturday. I must clean the kitchen very well too and scrub the counter and the stove. Just the kind of jobs I enjoy so very much! I'd rather do laundry and change the bed. I don't enjoy scrubbing very much. My shoulder always gets so sore.

Well, I'm off to shower and wash my hair. I do want to look presentable this morning. Have a really terrific day and I hope your weather is the kind you're hoping for. It may rain here and I have to go out, but I'm not made of sugar.



FlowerLady said...

Good morning Nora ~ I hope your day is a great one. I've got laundry to wash and hang up, what little lawn we have needs mowing, and I want to plant some things I grew from seed into my main garden. Plus, I want to cook a whole chicken in the crockpot, and make a loaf of bread in the bread machine.

Seeing that hairy spider would have freaked me out, I do NOT like spiders.


The Green Stone Woman said...

Flower Lady, it sounds like you're doing nothing but lovely things to day. Those sound like the kind of jobs I would enjoy. Especially cooking the chicken in the crockpot. I can smell it now. Oh, and the bread! Yum! Have a really good day doing those things and enjoy your dinner tonight.

John said...

On train riding ba9kwards listening to beatles helter skelter.

Ringo screams "I have blisters on my fingers"

Bad thing for a drummer.

I a dra1n most to the john Lennon songs.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I've recently got back into juice - apple juice diluted with carbinated mineral water (both from the fridge) is what I'm drinking at the moment. And there's a lovely cold wind blowing through my flat with all the windows open. Unfortunately they must have been muck spreading on the surrounding fields ( I live in a city, but only a small one) and so the breeze isn't too fragrant! In fact it's very ripe! Amazing how far that smell can travel.

Ta ta for now,
Bearfriend xx