Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I have done my three chores for today and they were four if you count me walking the dog, but I never do, because it belongs to my daily schedule and is not an extra effort. Actually, I'm not done with my chores, because I have to put the dry dishes away in the cabinets and hang up the laundry as soon as the washing machine is done. I put clean sheets on the bed, because I had hot flashes last night and sweat so much that my pajamas were wet when I got up. So I washed the sheets and the pajamas and a top that's always collecting all the dog and cat hair and I hope it comes out clean. I always expect magic things to happen in the washing machine and very often it does remove hair from items I put in there.

On Monday I put two fleece blankets in it and it washed the cat hairs right off of them. Those blankets are handy, because they come out of the machine almost dry and I can put them back in place right away and they finish drying on the spot. I also wash the cushion covers from the sofa in the washing machine when I can't get them clean with the vacuum cleaner and they always come out looking great again. I put them back on when they are still barely damp and they are dry in no time. I do like it when covers to furniture are washable. It makes such a difference in the appearance of things. With the animals, things always have a tendency to get a little dirty.

If I really want to get my floors clean, I have to get on my hands and knees and scrub them with a brush and I'm not about to do that, so I just mop them and call it a day. I can't be such a dedicated housewife that I'll scrub things on my knees, although I've cleaned the bathroom floor that way, resulting in very sore knees. I don't know about you, but with advancing age my knees have become more knobby and bony and they don't want me to lean on them. I think that is a sign not to overdo it.

I had ergo therapy this morning and announced that next week would be my last time there and then some other women said that they had thought about dropping ergo therapy also, because we are all in the same building down phase. I think we've all had enough of the very intense work that is ergo therapy and that we are all ready for something else. Today was very intense again, not for me personally, but for some other people, and I'm just not ready anymore to take all of that on. You have to switch it off when you leave there, but a residue of it stays with you when you are home. It does influence you to some extent. I don't want that anymore.

The coffee breaks are the nicest, because we break the spell and talk about totally different things and have our coffee out on the deck and enjoy the good weather in the shade of the big birch trees. You would think we were just a set of ordinary women having a get together and not that one of us had just cried in frustration and sadness and that the others had put their heads together in sympathy and support.

Like I said, the weather has been great today and it wasn't too hot, but we did have sunshine. Now, however, clouds have moved in and if I didn't know better, I'd think it was going to rain. It's not supposed to, unless the weatherman got it totally wrong. It's completely overcast and it has suddenly turned into a different day. Not that I mind, it isn't cold yet. I'm still dressed okay.

Well, I have to finish doing my chores, the final leg of them. It will feel very good to get them done. I'm the most excited about the clean sheets on my bed. It will be such a pleasure to go to sleep tonight. With clean pajamas too.

Have a great day everyone.



Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Irene.

Yes, whatever happens in therapy definitely does stay with you for the rest of the day. I find it very stressful for that reason. If it just stayed in the session it would be much easier.

Animals do create a lot of work don't they! But they are always there for a cuddle and having to walk the dog is very good exercise and gets you out of the house however bad you are feeling.

Today's photo is very calming I think. I love it.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

powdergirl said...

If its to harrowing, maybe a break from ergo therapy would be good. time to reflect.

Yeah, knee's. Fussy buggers aren't they?

Maggie May said...

You have had a busy day.
Hope you sleep well. X

Breakfast in California said...

Happy 09-09-09!

Mya said...

Belated birthday greetings, Irene! Don't do too much cleaning - you make the rest of us look bad. How about this for an admission...I have not mopped the kitchen floor this year...AT ALL. Granted, it's dark and the tiles are dirt-coloured...but, crikey - what a slob I'm feeling now!
Take care.
Mya xx

Weirdly apt word verification - i ought. Yes, I know I bloody well ought to...but I just don't, OK?!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about wanting the washing machine to perform magic tricks. I'm the same and forget it's just a machine!!

CJ xx

Gail said...

Maybe with ergo so intense, those who agree should start a coffee club and just visit. That is a kind of theraphy, having friends to talk with.