Saturday, September 19, 2009

No desire to go to sleep...

Sometimes it is late at night and I don't feel like going to bed, because I am perfectly happy where I am and in a very good mood and I have no wish to change my situation by doing anything as dull as going to sleep. I want to postpone bedtime as long as possible and find any excuse to stay up and when I start to run out of excuses, I can always write a post, even if I don't have a subject in mind to write about.

But really, has that ever stopped me? You know that I can write about the most trivial things and find interest in the smallest details of life and that anything at all seems important to me. Right now I can tell you, for example, that my cup of decaf does not taste very good at all and that I will finish it, but that I would rather have a real cup of coffee. My God. I have been drinking such good dark French roast that this decaf tastes like dishwater. I hardly ever drink it anymore and I'm reminded of why now. It's also a different brand from the dark roast, so that maybe a part of the problem.

It makes me wonder why people put up with inferior quality products and why manufacturers think they can get away with it. I suppose it all has to do with money, although my very good dark French roast is cheaper than the lousy decaf by 70 cents a pack. Go figure!

My trusty dog has settled down for the night, but no doubt he is wondering why I'm not in bed. He was a bit unsettled earlier and didn't know where to go to sleep. On his pillow in the bedroom or on his blanket under the coffee table. He has opted for the corner by the sofa. Not the most comfortable of places, but how can I get that clear to him? The cats are sleeping on the bed. I think I will sleep on the sofa tonight and have the television turned on for company.

Someone suggested to me to cut the juice I drink in half by adding mineral water to it, because juice is so concentrated and high in natural sugar. I think that is a good idea and I think I will add sparkling mineral water and get some tomorrow and a new 2 liter container of juice. I do go through that stuff like it is water and I'm sure it is very fattening on top of it. There are many calories in it, besides the many vitamins that I know are good for me.

So far, I've only had one beer of the six pack I had bought last week, so you see how I am not at all interested in getting a buzz. I have no idea when I'll have the second bottle and may just save them for when I have company. Suddenly it doesn't seem so important to have a beer on my own. It's more for when I sit at an outdoor café with my friend Von, which I didn't get to do this afternoon, due to the diabetes fiasco. Well, it wasn't really a fiasco, I guess, it had a happy ending for me.

My sleeping pill is starting to work, so I have to bring this to an end before I fall asleep on top of the keyboard.

I hope you all have a happy night and sleep tight. I'll be seeing you in the morning.



Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I was so happy to see a second post! Really cheered me up.

I have terrible trouble getting myself to bed. I hardly ever want to go. I agree it is so boring to have to go to sleep - it's 2.40 in the morning here now!

Did the doc say anything about your eyes? I was on a psych med once that caused terrible pain in my eyes. The med is known to cause glaucoma but it turned out the pressure readings for my eyes were normal. The pain only stopped when I reduced the dose and then they were fine. Maybe you should get checked out at the optician?

Hope you are blissfully asleep by now!
Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Gail said...

Sounds like a relaxing lovely evening. I am up early but the bed seems to be calling me back, so I will answer and pull the covers over me before the rest of the farm wakes.

Frances said...

Sleep well

Anonymous said...

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