Thursday, September 17, 2009

Without my computer...

I am sitting in my sister' s house typing this on her really neat MacIntosh, because my computer is very unexpectedly in the hands of the repair man. I had asked the Exfactor to clean the insides of it off dust and he did so yesterday, but when he hooked everything back up again, it would not work. 

And here we see the difference in how he and I approach things. I stayed perfectly calm and started making plans to get it fixed, and the Exfactor started to stress and moan and groan and generally have a very hard time going on and on about it, when I had made the plans to solve the problem already. We borrowed my sister' s car and took the computer to the repair man. It was as simple as that. That' s how you do it. There is a problem and you find a solution. 

I never realized what a stressed out person the Exfactor could be and how much he could worry about little things like that and go on and on about them. Whereas I saw nothing to stress about, but only a problem that had to have a logical solution, like most of those problems do. It really opened my eyes and I wondered how much of his stress I had been carrying with me subconsciously when we were still married. I bet he rubbed off on me a lot. 

Anyway, I' m sitting here in this nice bright living room with my sister' s dog and nobody is home. My sister is at work and my nephew is at school. He turned 15 yesterday and we celebrated that with a nice piece of pie. He has grown a lot this summer and he darn near looks like a grown up. I' m surprised whenever I see him. He is so tall. 

I had to get pain medication for Jesker. He had been limping just a bit with his left front paw when we went for walks and it would start to tremble. The vet gave me pain pills to give him twice a day and you wouldn' t believe the difference in him. Where before he walked like an old man, now he moves around like a young dog. He hops and skips, sort to say. He must have been in pain all along from his osteoarthritis. I don't know if he is allowed to stay on the pain medication indefinitely. The vet gave me pills for 5 days to see if they would help. I hope I can keep giving them to him, because they make such a difference. He feels so much better.

I really do like my sister' s keyboard. I must look for one like it myself. It' s not very big, but very handy and the keys go down so smoothly. Mine always feel like they want to get stuck halfway down.

I won't make this long. I am sitting here without my cup of coffee or my cigarettes and it is tough. My computer should be done some time today and I will go pick it up before 6 pm. My sister is at work until 5. 

Have a good day all of you. The sun is shining here, but there is a chilly wind.



Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I always find it especially annoying when electronics break down. Makes you realise how reliant we are on them.

If only all problems were so easy to solve! It's very unfortunate that the problems in our own minds are not so amenable to logic. Life would be so much better if they were.

So sad about Jesker. I hate to think of him in so much pain and unable to tell you how bad it was. Poor old thing!

Well done for posting sans ciggies and coffee - real dedication! I'm grateful because I love reading your blog - it's a real treat for me.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

VioletSky said...

I wasn't quite as calm as you when my scanner thingy for uploading photos didn't work all of a sudden after I connected my new printer. It makes no sense and now I have to go back to bed before I get all worked up about it again.

Yes, fall is definitely in the air here, too.

Maggie May said...

Well I expect he felt guilty about not getting it back working after taking it all apart.
I get devastated when technical things go wrong, so I do understand that.
Macs are good though, aren't they?

Frances said...

I think Maggie has hit the nail on the head. He may have thought he had caused expensive damage. A worrier can always find something to worry about. I know, I am one. I worry if I'm not worrying... LOLLLLL

Gail said...

You have it under control and since I read the last blog first I know things are now going well electronically and dogly.

Babaloo said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problem. But isn't a Mac neat?! I love our Mac at home! Dang expensive, tho. Wouldn't know what to do if ours ever broke down and couldn't be repaired! :-(
Hope the painkillers help Jesker, so that he feels better when he has to come off them. I doubt you can keep giving them to him but you never know. The vet will tell you.