Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've cleaned house. What I haven't done yet is unload the washing machine and I'm looking forward to that so much, that I'll do that as soon as I'm done writing this, because there are exciting clothes in there and I want to hang them up and get them dry and iron them...

...as a matter of fact, before I just went to make myself a cup of coffee, I took the time to empty the machine and hang up the clothes. There were three cardigans in there and I may want to wear one of them tomorrow. So I hung them up very neatly on hangers and got as many of the wrinkles out as I could. Now all they have to do is dry. Which may take a while, because it's not that warm in here anymore.

So I cleaned house and when I vacuumed, I was hoping to run into that big spider so I would be able to vacuum him also, but I didn't see him anywhere, which has me worried, because where is he hiding? I have visions of him lurking under my bed and coming out during the night. Yikes! I better not think about that.

I scrubbed the kitchen counter, but then forgot to scrub the stove, so I still need to do that. I'm also soaking a big pot in which I cooked soup with vermicelli. That still needs to get cleaned. It is sitting on the stove pretending to be something else. I forgot to water the plants and they are next up on the list of things left to do. That's what you get when you don't make an actual list, but try to remember it all by heart. I did remember some things which I initially had not thought of, like the sheet and towel which were still hanging on the clothing line outside and which had been rained on and were soaking wet and are now drying on the rack in the bathroom. I also mopped the kitchen floor, which I had not counted on, but which turned out to be very necessary. You don't notice these things unless you specifically look at them. Suddenly you see big stains.

This morning, after I went to see my SPN, I stopped by the clothing store that's close to here, and where I had bought my other scarves, and went in search of some new ones. There was a bin there with scarves on sale for 2.95 and I dug around in it until I found two that I liked and I felt pretty pleased with myself. I've got a lavender one with red flowers and a pink one with a red design on it. You can bet that wherever I go now, I will keep my eyes peeled for the right scarf, because I need a gray one, or I may go back and dig around in that bin some more. For that price I almost have to. Oh, I'm scarf crazy now. I've decided to wear a lot of black clothes with the scarfs to make them stand out more, or gray ones. I tell you, this gives a whole new meaning to my life.

The visit with my SPN went fine, but I don't know if I said anything sensible, though she did take notes. It seemed as though I tumbled from one thing to another in the conversation and I don't know if I made any sense. I may have been a little bit uncomfortable, because we had to discuss my problem of last week when she was not there, and now it just feels highly embarrassing. My consolation is, that she always deals with people with odd problems and that I'm not an exception to the rule and I don't want to be. I just want to blend into the woodwork. I don't want to be an outstanding odd person. So I pray to God that I'm not.

I did steal a very nice House & Garden Magazine to use for collages that I want to make at home. It has some terrific photographs in it and I couldn't resist taking it. So you see, I do have some criminal tendencies. I figure I need a lot of practice, so I need a lot of magazines. I asked my sister, but she doesn't buy magazines anymore. I'll have to get them some other way.

It's time to watch the news. The queen gave the State of the Union today, so I have to watch it.



Frances said...

Glad you were able to discuss past events. As you say, your SPN is experienced and she does need to know what happens to you, even when, as now, you have actually come through it. It helps to give her the rounded picture of what happens with you. Sounding good, Nora and glad the mood is a little upbeat. cleaning again.... I feel ashamed I am sitting here reading blogs and playing online games when there is so much I should do. Still - the supper is in the oven, so I guess I have achieved something today. My philosophy is to keep my standards very low so that I can almost keep up to them....LOL

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I don't think there's ever any need to feel embarrassed with your SPN. You can bet they'll have heard far more loopy/ weird/ strange/ wacky/ tragic or whatever stories in their working lives.

Your scarves sound wonderful.

Re magazines - do you have a recycling centre near you? They'll have tons of magazines. Do you have recycling bins in your area?

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

VioletSky said...

I'm sure your house was easier to clean than the one in your picture!
Scarves sound like a great addition to cheer up any wardrobe. And possibly cheaper than jewellery. I found a good start to my collection at a consignment shop a few years ago and now have a drawerful that I never wear. I just like to take them out and look at them. Sometimes, I use them for tablecloths.

oooh, look, the word verification is shroud. Surely that is a good omen?!!

Maggie May said...

Hi Nora,
You really have gone to town with your scarves and I am pleased that they give you so much pleasure. My house is in need of a good clean but then as it is fairly large, it is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge & just as the last lick of paint has been done, it has to be all started again. So I could, if I was incline spend ALL my time cleaning.

Glad you have got on so well today.

VioletSky said...

You can get some great old styule ones from the 60s when scarves were much more fashionable at second hand shops. And some of mine are runners. When it gets slightly chilly (hard to remember at the moment) I do wear them, but I have so many...

and, no, I did not make up the WV, I can't think that quickly on my toes!!
this time it is scebar and I cannot think of anything that that could possibly mean.

Gail said...

Keep up the good work and you are sounding so cheerful today...send me some of that!

pinklea said...

You must be related to my DD - between the two of you, it sounds like you have cornered the market on scarves! That girl has so many that they overflow out of her bedroom, clog up all our coatracks, and she can still be deciding which one of seven to wear that day. I hope you're a bit more organized!

Wisewebwoman said...

As one scarf woman to another, I heartily approve, you should also fine a way to display them?