Thursday, September 03, 2009


Instead of doing chores in sets of threes, I am being lazy and doing one chore at a time and in between each chore I get to sit at the computer. In a while I have to get up and hang up a load of laundry, because I changed the sheets on my bed again, because I deserve it. I got them straight off the rack in the bathroom onto my bed. There's nothing I like better than clean sheets. Well yes, a good looking man between them maybe.

Anyway, little by little I'm getting a bunch of things done and I've even glued the sole to my boot and pinned it in place with clothes pins. I only hope I've found the right glue, but the Exfactor told me where to find it, so I assume I had the right tube. It was mighty sticky and I almost glued my fingers together. Nice gooey stuff. I've done the dishes and I went to the tobacconist and I've swept the living room floor, because there was hair again. The bane of my life. I see I have to sweep the kitchen floor also, so that will be on my list too.

My plan was to start reading The Secret Scripture, but I haven't even gotten around to doing that. I will though as soon as everything else is done. The problem is, that every time I turn around, I see something else that needs to be done, so I think I better stop looking and start ignoring things. Like this dusty computer desk I'm sitting at and which I have to wipe clean every time I turn around. I so very much want carpet to keep the dust down, but I'd have to rob a convenience store first and I don't think I can make a quick getaway on my bike. Besides, I don't have any real criminal tendencies. The stress would do me in.

It stopped raining, but the sun never did come out and the weather is blustery. I still have the top windows open and the blinds are fluttering in the strong draft. It does mean that there's some fresh air coming in here and I need that with all the cigarette smoke.

I always thought I didn't like the wind, but I'm finding out differently. I do like the way it whips around my head and body, as long as it's not too cold. It's not as nice when you're riding your bike into it and you don't get ahead, but walking into it is great fun. I know I'm going to regret saying that in the middle of winter and the arctic wind howls around me, but that very seldom happens, so I should be okay. Hey, watch me get snow blind in flurries whipped up by some storm in January.

I am now already thinking about the clothes I'm going to wear tomorrow. It will have to be a sweater, because of the chilliness. I'm glad I'm wearing my leggings, because it means I can wear my comfortable mini skirts again. They make it so easy to get on and off my bike. I also enjoy wearing my boots, the weather is right for them again. So you see, I get to pick out whole different things from my wardrobe and that does make getting dressed more exciting. The more layers of clothes, the better.

The washing machine has stopped spinning, so the laundry is ready and I get to hang up the next load. Maybe I'll break records in bed changing. Some of my duvet covers go on very easily, so I use them often. They will get worn out quickly and I will have to make a trip to Ikea to replace them, but I never complained about going to Ikea, except when I had to go with the Exfactor. For some reason those trips always got on my nerves. I like going with my sister, because we like to go at the same speed and look at the same things. Men just want to get to the point and race through the store. No dillydallying, except in the restaurant over the meatballs.

I'm always so surprised that my washing machine still works and I hope I don't jinx it now by writing about it. I got it second hand and it is ancient, but it works like a trooper. I think it is indestructible. It doesn't have any sort of computer program, but just mechanically goes through its cycles. Even the detergent and softener compartments still work, though they look a little scummy and I hardly ever use them. I should use softener, because the water is so hard here. I must remember to buy some the next time I'm in the store. They do have all sorts of lovely smelling ones.

I'm going to walk the dog now and have dinner and watch the news. Then I'm going to read my book, because after the news, there's nothing on television for a while. A hospital reality show and an awful game show that is so bad that it makes my toes curl. Still, people watch it. It's very popular, so we suffer.

Have a really good evening.



Babaloo said...

I'm just getting back into blog reading after a week away with no internet. Hope you've been keeping well!

Your first paragraph about the fresh sheets made me laugh out loud. :-) Wouldn't we all like some hunky guy between those fresh sheets...

Elaine said...

If I had a hunky guy between my sheets I think I'd wait a day (or maybe two) before changing them!

Have a lovely evening, Irene. x

Wisewebwoman said...

You should see my office, Irene, OMFG is all I can say, you wouldn't be able to stand it, I'd say my tolerance is way higher than yours. Even my granddaughter commented, so there, and she doesn't notice chaos.
she said before you do another thing, Grandma, you should spend 24 hours in here just sorting and tidying. How can you work here?

Gail said...

I have a hunky guy between the sheets and steals covers and my pillow and snores!

Irene, sounds like you had a very productive day. Here's it rubs off on me!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Irene. Thanks for your email.

It's lovely and chilly here! And every so often there's a very heavy shower. I like the alternating between the dry and then the very large rain drops. You don't get bored that way!

Personally I think that hard floors are much better than carpet. Carpets trap and hold onto all the dirt - so unhygienic! And I hate vacuuming. Going round quickly with a brush is much easier.

My windows are always open except on the coldest day of the year. I'm a fresh air fanatic!

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I can't by clothes powder, shampoo or soap with out sniffng them first. It's an important test before buying!
I like your and ciggarettes in between. Sounds perfect!

I love clean sheets and stationary. I hate it when someone elses handwriting leaves prints on the fresh bit below. It's a quirk of mine I guess!

John said...

Funny bright post...made me smile.

Ikea meatballs.

I prefer swedish sun dresses.