Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've finally managed to get myself dressed and walk the dog. The poor animal was waiting so patiently for me to get my act together and I wasn't doing it. It was with great joy that he saw me head to the bathroom to get ready and he stayed by the door, checking to make sure I really did. He always waits by the bathroom door and when I'm done, he sniffs me to make sure it's really me. Then, when we went out, I needed four baggies to clean up after him, which I luckily had with me. Don't tell me I'm not a responsible citizen.

I don't know why I was such a slowpoke this morning. I got up at a decent hour. As a matter of fact, I got up too early and realized it before I could turn on the computer and finished sleeping on the sofa. I feel like taking a nap now, but that must be because it's Sunday and a defense mechanism against boredom. After I write this, I'll lay down on the sofa with my book and we'll see what happens. I'm hoping it will intrigue me enough to keep me awake. It's still Secret Scripture and I'm enjoying it. Sebastian Barry is one heck of a writer. He makes you believe that what you read is real and I must read more novels by him.

It's almost noontime now and half the day is done. I think I will also draw or paint today or both. After I take that refreshing nap.

I am dressed in black leggings, a blue denim skirt and a black top with short sleeves. I am wearing multiple matching bracelets and a colorful necklace, but the necklace is making my neck itch, so I will have to take it off and put something else on. It's probably not nickel free metal. It's one I got from the woman I gave my earrings to. I'm always so sensitive to jewelry and I can't wear silver necklaces or earrings at all, which is a shame, because there are some nice pieces of jewelry made with silver.

Which makes me think I have scarves to wear and I should get them out and see if I can wear one of them instead of a necklace. What a splendid idea. I had forgotten all about them. It is that time of year again to wear scarves. I have two or three of them and I think I have one that has purple in it, which would match the bracelets I am wearing now. I'll go have a look...Yes, I've found it. It has purple and red in it, so it matches two sets of bracelets and several necklaces too, if I wanted to wear those, but I think just a scarf is enough. It feels good around my neck that was itching. Another fashion solution come about. Isn't it nice when you forget about things temporarily? But I have a rash in my neck and I'll have to put some ointment on it.

I must buy more scarves if I am to make a fashion statement this fall and winter. My friend Von wears them all the time. She must have a dozen of them. Lord, I can get so excited about a little thing like that. I feel like I ought to go out right now and buy a new one, but all the stores are closed. I'll have to wait until tomorrow. I think I have just enough cash to get one and I know where to get it.

I get the same way with boots or purses or anything. I realize I like something very much and I immediately want more of it. More denim skirts and more purses and more boots. I realize I've been using the same purse now for a long time, so it's time to get another purse out and I will do that next. It's time to clean my purse out anyway, it's a mess. I have two other good purses that I haven't used in a while and it will be fun to pick out the one I will want to use. I'll have to find a case to put my camera in, because the purse I'm using now has a little compartment for it. That shouldn't be too much of a challenge, though.

I got those two other purses from the Exfactor when I was hypo manic and I could sweep him along in my enthusiasm and get him to buy me all the things I fell in love with, even if I was not with him. My excitement rubbed off on him and he got completely caught up in it. I remember being higher than I kite when he bought me those purses and feeling invincible. Maybe that's why I've been reluctant to use them, because of those memories. The purses are great and look like tribal bags, as if they come from Africa. They are big and have lots of room to put all sorts of things in. Like my shopping if I go downtown and have money to spend.

I was wearing my jeans yesterday, but they seemed to be too big for me and at one point they started sliding down my hips, so that I looked like one of those kids who wear their jeans with the crotch between their knees. I made it home just on time before I looked completely ridiculous, but I can't wear those jeans anymore. At home they kept sliding down and I kept hitching them up, so I took them off and replaced them with a skirt and leggings, which is much more sensible. I have to look in my closet to see if I have another pair of jeans that fit better. These I probably bought when I was heavier and I put them on when they came straight out of the wash and they were tight. I was kind of surprised that I had a pair of jeans in light denim that fit me. On top of that, they were stretch jeans too. I certainly didn't need that.

The top I am wearing is very cute. It has a V-neck and little buttons down the middle and a bow that ties right at the bottom of the V. It has very small short sleeves and the top itself is long, it goes way past my hips. It's the one I bought for 10 Euros in my favorite store, where I don't hang out anymore due to a shortage of money. I'll go there when the next paycheck comes and see if there is anything really cheap on sale. I do love a good deal and one must be had.

Well, now I'm gong to change purses and throw out everything that is junk from my old purse, including all the tobacco crumbs and cookie and nougat wrappers. It will be fun to see what's all in there.

At least I will have spent part of my Sunday doing something pleasurable. Not to forget the hunt for the scarves.

Have a good day, all of you.



Gail said...

Sounds like you are lifted in spirit today and have a plan. Enjoy your day!

among found objects said...

I am having a similar day. Cant get myself moving. I have brought out of of my collage materials and cant get started.

Your dog poo comment struck home as here in Seville they still havent gotten to that common courtesy as to clean up after their animal. Drives me crazy.

This season I am hoping to also renovate my wardrobe. Hope to do it without spending too much money.

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi Nora. I've got so many scarves - bought in charity shops, sales, or given to me by the Bear - that I often forget them, and then I'm delighted when I see them again! I'll never need to buy another one for the rest of my life. The thing I like about scarves is that no matter how fat I am they still fit! I also like nice bags for the same reason.

I hadn't realised until reading your blog how much work dogs are. Probably most people don't realise - I think they should. It'd save a lot of doggy suffering.

Hope you have a relaxing day.

Best wishes,
Bearfriend xx

Maggie May said...

You sound as though you are caught up in your scarves today. I pick up scarves I like in charity shops and love looking for a bargain.
Glad you are enjoying Secret Scripture.
Nora it is then. You went through a Nora phase before, I seem to remember. X

Maggie May said...

I have just scrolled down & discovered why you are now Nora. I must have missed that post out somehow or other. Sorry!

jeannette stgermain said...

Ah, I love scarves too. On this side of the ocean they had even had summer scarves (with this heat in California LOL). We should go shopping sometime!

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh I love scarves my dear and have a huge collection of them since about 1970. I can't bear ones that itch so concentrate on natural fibres and of course make my own. My favourite one is where the wool was a small fortune but it looks like a Newfoundland sunset.
I didn't get out of my PJs all day, Ansa walked herself at the back of the property while I watched from the door.
I was dying for a NO DO day.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

A colourful scarf is surely good medicine?

Hope you have a good week ahead, will pop by when I am back home again:)

Frances said...

sounding good.
Enjoy your scarves. Hope Monday has been a lovely day