Saturday, March 21, 2009

As usual.

Being my usual lazy self on Saturday mornings, I still sit here in my bathrobe with my coffee and cigarettes and the Überhund at my feet. He has eaten and been out back, but he has not had his walk yet. I am postponing the inevitable as long as possible, because I do like my Saturday mornings. There is no better way to spend the morning than like this, so hopelessly ineffectual and irresponsible.

I had myself an excellent sleep and woke up at a decent enough hour. The sleep medication helps and lately I have been sleeping well and feeling very rested when I wake up, providing I don't try to do it too early. I do get up in the middle of the night and in the early morning to go to the toilet and I should not get it in my head then to stay up, because it would be a bad idea, as I would be a very grumpy person thinking her time to wake up was there and not being able to figure out why I wasn't feeling good. Stubborn as an ass, it wouldn't necessarily dawn on me that I needed to sleep some more.

The cat food experiment is going well, in that it is becoming clear that they prefer the more expensive one better. Well, they would, wouldn't they? They are persnickety cats and only want the best and I have raised them well and allowed them to have discriminating tastes. They eat the less expensive cat food too, so maybe I can find one that is priced somewhere in between. Some more experimenting needs to be done.

I have found out that the Überhund can do with less food and still be satisfied, in other words, he isn't looking for junk to eat off the streets. That was such a disgusting habit. I won't tell you what he all ate. The Butcher's and the Frolic are going down well and I only offer him a certain amount. He can do with it as he wishes and if he doesn't eat, it's his choice. If he eats it all, he doesn't get more. The cats are always more than happy to eat any leftover Butcher's.

Yesterday I discovered an area in the basement of a department store where they sell art supplies and frames and pas par touts. They have big frames there for my collages at a very reasonable price. I will be going back there when I have the money to buy four frames for my best collages and hang them up in the apartment. That will be after I paint the walls.

I want to paint the walls a sand color. They are white now, but really discolored from me smoking, so I think I will not want them white again. They would need painting again after a few years. The sand color would hide the smoke stains and look good with the furniture. I have to go to the hardware store and price the paint, as I have no idea how expensive it is. I may have to postpone all of this two months when I come into some money, but the plans are there anyway.

I think it's lovely that it's Saturday, but I do have to go to the grocery store today to pick up a few items. I think I will be buying a lot of soup, as this will become my meal several times of the day. I am not going to be eating porridge anymore, it's too fattening and I do need to loose some weight. The battery in the bathroom scales is dead, so I can't even weigh myself. I have to remember to buy a new one and not be shocked when I do weigh myself.


I just spent nearly an hour on the phone with my older sister, so now the morning is nearly spent. I have to get the show on the road and walk the Überhund, who is incredibly patient so far. I enjoy talking to my sister and we find it difficult to hang up. We always have just one more thing to tell each other.

Okay people, time to go. Have a wonderful day, the sun is shining here again.



aims said...

What are pas par touts?

Sand colour sounds so warm and inviting. That will be lovely when you get around to it Irene!

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Aims, they are the mats that you put around prints when you frame them.

When I get around to it is the proper terminology to use, I think.