Friday, March 27, 2009

A barrel of fun.

The title is an out and out lie, because I didn't have a barrel of fun at all today. It was way to ordinary for that. No wait, it wasn't even an ordinary day. What am I saying? It was a screwed up sort of day, so I should have titled it, a barrel of screws.

I woke up way too late this morning. It was nearly ten o'clock when I got up. I couldn't believe my eyes. That meant I was going to miss creative therapy, because I need at least an hour and a half to get ready before I can leave the house in any sort of well put together way, because I don't only have to take care of myself, but of the animals as well and the Überhund does take his time with all of his rituals in the morning. As do I.

I decided not to rush around like an idiot and to skip creative therapy, even though that meant foregoing that fun work with the clay. Once I made that decision, though, I relaxed and drank many cups of coffee and woke up at my own speed while I checked my emails and wrote comments on blogs. It was a little bit like taking a mental health day from school, although I like my therapy classes much better than I ever liked going to school.

I was expecting a package from a mail order company and had to stick close to the apartment between noon and six, but after a while, when nobody showed up, I checked the website to see the state of affairs of my package and saw that it had not been sent yet. So I called the company and was told that it would maybe get here tomorrow morning. No guarantees, which is odd, because they have next day delivery and it has already been paid for. Frustrations abound.

Things like this throw me for a loop, because I could have gone to Specsavers and had my glasses done, but now I'll have to see if I can go tomorrow afternoon. I usually don't like it when things go differently than I had planned and I had already screwed them up myself by not going to creative therapy. That was purely my own fault, though. I should have set the alarm clock.

The Exfactor did come by early in the afternoon and stayed for about an hour and we had coffee and talked about the state of the economy and what the government was planning to do about it. Those bright lights! Don't get me started. I have my opinions and this is not the coalition government I voted for.

Anyway, then he left and I turned on the computer and amused myself with non consequential things, which is a good thing to do when you're trying to fill your discombobulated time. I don't want to have a day like this again soon, though. It was an absolute waste of time. If I had spent it laying in bed, it would have made the same difference. It goes to show you how important structure is. You're lost without it.

I've got to stop now, because I want to watch the news and do something else but sit here behind this darn computer all the time.

Have a good night, all of you.



aims said...

I hate days like this too Irene. I feel like a total waste of time. Like I really don't exist in the world because I haven't contributed to it.

Wishing you less and less of these kind of days.

Maggie May said...

Hope you feel back to normal soon.Sometimes you need to take time out for you. X

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Aims, don't you hate days when you just waste time and not get anything done and you sort of exist for no good reason? I don't like days like that and I don't want a repeat of it, so tomorrow has to be better. At least the Überhund still loves me! XOX

Maggie, structure is what I need and none of this gallivanting around in a useless manner. I have to be strict with myself and not let things get away from me so. XOX

Violet said...

I love your new header picture!

I seem to be having a day like that today. It is almost evening and I realize I could have done so much to enjoy the fine weather before it rains tomorrow. (that would have been a good day to waste).

Brighid said...

Great header pic, Irene. Know you'll be back up to the tasks at hand soon. I've had a few more days where I felt like I was taking one step forward & two steps back of late. Makes this crone cranky and then some. My escape is the garden, and blowing bubbles from the deck, oh and practicing the art of mud pies. Better days ahead...

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Violet, you too, huh? Maybe it's that time of year. So you actually had nice weather today? We did for the last few hours and may have a few sunny hours tomorrow, along with some rain. It's enough to drive you crazy, like the Chinese water method torture.

Brighid, working in the garden is a very useful activity, you get points for that and for blowing bubbles too in my book. I'm sorry you're having those kind of days too. It seems to run rampant. I keep telling myself, you will have a better day tomorrow!

Wisewebwoman said...

I think we're poised between Spring and the Unknown. No certainties anymore. I need to live in the moment and write a blog post I had for too long mulled over and over and over.

Gail said...

I absolutely love your kaliedascope pictures(yes, I know it is spelled incorrectly but I don't want to look it up).

I remember having one as a child and was always fascinated by the colors and patterns.

No day is wasted, although I do feel like that sometimes. Hey, you got to play on the computer and enjoy your coffee!

Some one said we are human beings not human doings.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Mary, I read that post and was so moved by it, that I could not leave a comment. It touched something deep inside of me. I still feel very vulnerable every time I think off it, but I'll be back. XOX

Gail, I like that saying very much and I wish I could translate it properly into Dutch, but I'm afraid it is impossible. It would have sure come in handy on a day like yesterday. XOX