Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Migraine???

Across the Meusse.

I'm supposed to have a migraine and that's why I am not at ergo therapy this morning. The truth is that I only have a little bit of a headache and I very easily could have gone, but I didn't feel like riding my bike through the cold and rain, which was bad enough when I had to take the dog for a walk this morning. So, I'm taking the morning off with an excuse.

It is truly miserable outside and I want to be here in my warm and cozy apartment in my warm clothes with the heater turned on. The rain is dripping down the windows and obscuring my view of the street. All the cats are very wisely inside and the Überhund is curled up on his blanket, although he hasn't had his breakfast yet. I'm waiting for him to let me know when he is hungry.

I very wisely did my grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, just after it hailed for a few minutes and before it started to rain again. I hope I have bought enough groceries to last me for most of the week, because my bike was truly loaded and I only half dared to ride it. I walked it part of the way, because I had a very heavy shopping bag hanging from my handlebar. I had visions of the handlebar becoming undone and the bike becoming unmanageable and me laying flat on my face in the street. Luckily, none of that happened and it would have been a sort of slapstick, but also dangerous.

I bought tins of mackerel and sardines and mussels in a piquant sauce and I had those last night and they were very good. For someone who is always very suspicious of mollusks, I did a good job eating those. I tried not to think about their origins too much.

I also bought a lot of soup and extra vermicelli and plan to make a one liter pan full every day. I did that yesterday and managed to get three large bowls of soup out of it. I bought cream crackers and rusk toast and healthy margarine too. Now I have to make sure I don't eat too much of these items, so I have to balance everything nicely. Today I'm going to have mushroom soup and cream crackers.

I wasted a lot of time behind the computer yesterday. I spent quite some time on Facebook picking out favorites of everything under the sun and publishing them. There was no stopping me once I got started. I even picked my favorite beers, although I very seldom drink a beer. It goes to my head too quickly and before you know it, I'm drunk. I'm a cheap date.

I spent a lot of time on the 6S main site reading other people's 6S's and commenting on them. I published a bunch of them myself this weekend and you can read them if you click on my 6S button. They're under My Blogs.

I forgot to buy the required trash bags and will have to go back to the store, where I will also buy a package of strong tobacco instead of the half mild that I buy now. I want to try and see what the strong tobacco tastes like and if I will like it better. That's why I'm only buying a package and not a pot. The aubergine trash bags I can only buy at the supermarket tobacco counter, so I will kill two birds with one stone. Maybe I will choke on the strong tobacco, but at least I will have found out. It will be like smoking Gaulloises, but with the filter.


Here's the last collage I made. It always bothers me that the texts are unreadable, but they are in Dutch anyway, so they wouldn't mean much to you, but still. Most of the images are from the pottery by the artist Ben Lisa. Some other images thrown in for effect. The background color is yellow and burnt sienna. I thought that gave a nice effect.

Here is a photograph of the way I look today. My right eye is a little bit swollen, I woke up with it. I don't know why. It must be the effect of old age. Still, not bad for an old lady, huh? I took ten shots to get this decent one. I always look so ridiculous on photographs and I never want someone else to take my picture, because I look like a nomad from Mongolia in them. All I need is a yurt in the background and some wild mini horses and yaks, lots of them.

Well, that's enough lingering here for me. I must do some work. I think I'm actually having problems with my sinuses and maybe I'm getting a cold, or it's just plain allergies. My eczema is really acting up too. Time to get out the cream and the lotion.

Have yourself a good day. Hope you don't get rained on and blown away by the weather too much.



Gail said...

Way over, or way under, or way down over here...not sure of the direction, we had wind and a good rain. The wind we did not need but the rain we needed badly.

I think your picture is quite charming. It took me a very long time to post a picture of myself. My first "About Me" picture was a goat's behind.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Gail, I'm glad you got the rain then, we forget that the farmers need it.

Ha ha, a goat's behind? That wasn't very flattering to you now, was it? I know you're better looking than that!

Anonymous said...

You look lovely, believe me. I certainly don't blame you for staying indoors. No point getting wet through and chilled to the bone. Sounds like your pets are very sensible!

We love tinned fish here and lots of other kinds of fish too, but our lambing assistance is alergic to fish so we have to do without for 3 weeks!

CJ xx

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Crystal, thank you very much! I'm either getting a cold, or my allergies are playing up, but indoors is the best.

It must be hard to do without fish for 3 weeks if you like it so much. I would miss it tremendously. Good luck with the lambing.

Anonymous said...

I think you look beautiful. I love how you are wearing your beads, so very stylish.

I think when it is cold and yucky out, taking a day off, inside and warm, is the best kind of therapy of all. As long as you don't do it every single day.

Enjoy your mushroom soup. Sounds perfect.

Thanks for the blogger support, again and again.

Maggie May said...

That is a handsome lady in your photo.
Your eyes look fine but my right eye is playing up. Strange!

Love your collage.

Weather abominable here. Cold stormy and depressing.

Don't tempt fate to give you a real migraine else you would know the difference!

Tessa said...

Irene, I got this really funny picture in my head when I read about your distrust of mollusks - it made me hoot with laughter. There you were (in my picture), face to face with a very large oyster eyeing it sternly while it looked up at you very meekly indeed! (I know - oysters don't have eyes, but I have artistic license!)

I think your self-portrait is lovely and you don't look the least bit you've lost your yurt or your yaks! You have a marvellous collection of necklaces, too.

The yellow and burnt sienna background of your collage is very effective and complements the pottery perfectly.

The colour makes me think of the sun, so I hope it shines for you again soon - it's cold here with a bitter wind. And just when I thought it was spring! That's downright mean of the weather gods, don't you think?

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Cheryl, thank you for the compliment and on my beads. I do like to wear my necklaces.

Don't worry, I seldom take a day off therapy, it is an exception.

I'm happy to support you in every little way I can, whatever helps.

Maggie, what's wrong with you right eye? Is it being funky? Take good care of it.

We're sharing the weather, aren't we?

Don't worry, I know what a real migraine feels like and I wouldn't really want one of those at all. This is sinuses.

Tessa, for all I know, those little boogers do have eyes and they are watching me eat them.

We must do something to appease the weather gods. Probably they want the sacrifice of a virgin, but are there any around? They probably want us to place one in a bog or something. Do you think there'd be any volunteers?

aims said...

You nut! You look fantastic for a broad of your age and you know it!

Love the collage and your necklaces of course. I know you like to wear them - not dressed unless you have your jewelry on!

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Aims, you nut, I can say the same thing about you and I have the proof! Thank you for the compliment anyway.

That's right, I feel naked without my necklaces on. I admit it.

Breakfast in California said...

You look great! I'd stay home too rather than go out in nasty weather. You're much tougher than I. Love the new picture with the lavender and sunflower.

LOL at Tessa's image of you and the oyster! I pictured you stomping snails in the garden.

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Thank you Breakfast, usually I have to brave the elements, though.

Instead of stomping the snails, I suppose I could cook them in garlic butter, I would feed them something could first though for about a week. Blrgh!!!