Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday again.

It is still early in the morning and I have been up for a while, drinking my coffee and smoking my cigarettes. Well, what else would you expect me to do, right? I'm such an old addict who can't give up her vices. Those are the two worst things I do and I seem to thrive despite of them and take a licking and keep on ticking. I don't remember for which brand watch that commercial was. It wasn't for Rolex, I know that.

My watch is from Elle and that is supposed to be a little bit of a big deal, though I don't know why. I bought it because it looked nice and I could afford it. Remember when everybody was wearing Swatch watches? I think I even wore one myself for a while.

That's when I was still caught up in the middle class trappings and thought we had to do like everybody else did. I like to pretend I'm a member of the X class now, but I really don't know if that is true. I think I'm still hopelessly middle class, but very hard trying not to be, though.

I was so middle class that I drove a Jeep Cherokee 4x4. I had two children and a dog and groceries to haul around. That was my excuse. I never went off road with it, though I did drive it in the mountains and we went on vacations with it. It was red with a beige interior. I loved that car and it was tough when I had to give it up. It was my status symbol.

Status played a big role in my life in my first marriage. It was all about the house and the cars and the furniture and the right schools, etc. Exhausting stuff, always keeping up appearances. It was as important to me as it was to my then husband. I was as trapped in it as he was.

It was an enormous relief to step out of it and come down to earth eventually. I did that when I came to the Netherlands and had to start again from scratch. When all you have are some of your clothes and your books, it isn't hard to be humble.

Well, anyway, at least I don't feel the need to wear a Rolex. I'm not that far gone. Or a Louis Vuitton handbag. Or Coco Chanel ensembles. Which I'm sure I could never afford. Not even second hand, if I wished to dress like that. I am sure I would look ridiculous in them.

Oh, before I forget. Something very important! I got a signed limited edition giclee print from this painting by the wonderful and generous artist Tessa Edwards, whose work you can go admire when you click on her name.
The painting is called 'Ethiopia' and I think it is absolutely smashing. All of Tessa's work is this colorful, but you really must go and have a look for yourself. She also takes wonderful photographs of her surroundings and environment. Thank you, Tessa, for this print. It is getting a place of honor in my apartment.

Which just goes to show you how unselfish people are and how willing to share an object of beauty with you.

Oh, now I have to feed the animals and walk the dog. He is being very impatient right here beside me. I think he can't wait any longer, so I must be off.

Have a terrific Sunday.



Frances said...

hope the rest of your Sunday is great. the picture is beautiful, colours like jewels.

CC said...

WOW Irene, your writing this morning may have many, such as myself, thinking about their own lives. Here in the US, as it is just about anywhere these days, the economy is very bad, so us “middle class suburbanites” are rethinking our lives, thrift shops are now very popular and gone are the days of keeping up with all the latest is just too expensive and as you stated, time consuming in a time restricted world of work and home life. Simply put, my new opinion is less is more.

among found objects said...


laurie said...

i like that painting very much. now, on to my own coffee and cigarettes! well, coffee, anyway...

Maggie May said...

You are lucky to get the picture. Lovely colours in it.

Can't be doing with *Keeping Up With The Jones* as we call it here.
I have never been like that & hope I never shall be.

The weather is lovely here. hope you are sharing it in the Netherlands.
I will get out on the garden today, that's for sure!
'Bye X

Grumpy Old Ken said...

What an interesting blog. Funny what life throws at us. My life is somewhat mundane but I love every minute of it.

Anonymous said...

The picture is beautiful, it seems right that it found a home with you. The colors are wonderful.

I have to say that I loved my Swatch watch. You could wear it and never have to worry about it breaking.

Your post has me thinking about life and trying to make impressions, keeping up with the Jones. I'm happily moving past that stage and trying to be happy being me. I find myself slipping at times, but the need to please or impress is something that has no room in my life!

Have a peaceful Sunday!

Grit said...

a beautiful picture! you can probably guess irene that we don't keep up with the jones either. kids change everything. wouldn't mind a rolex though.

Maureen said...

Ah, yes, keeping up with others is pointless... you have to find what makes YOU happy; and for everyone, that is something different.

I am now in a point in my life that I can treat myself to me time and a few luxuries like a second pair of jeans!

jeannette stgermain said...

I am glad you got rid of that middle class rat race having-to-live-a-certain-way! HOpe the rest of your Sunday was enjoyable.

Catherine said...

Hi Irene
this is very honest and I agree about the status thing, people in Ireland today drive around in jeeps on the school run and they will never go off-road. I drove them in Africa where you couldn't use normal cars, and was amazed back here to see how ubiquitous they had become.

There is a great radio documentary on Ireland's relationship with status jeeps called "Axles of Evil" a clever pun, full of shallow trophy wives enjoying the toys bought by their rich hubbys and I wonder where they are now there's a downturn. The sense of entitlement seeps through, and is really gross to listen to. If I could figure out how to add podcasts to my blog I would!

Hope you are in a better status-less place now!

I replied to your comments on my pancake post on that post on my blog today, only now am I catching up on past posts!

John said...

Great image, great post.

I used to have a movado and am happy with my cheaper watch, these days.

My best.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we have to cut our losses to find happiness again. I did it once myself and now I would never look back.

CJ xx

A Cuban In London said...

I agree with you, Tessa's work is mind-blowing and this painting and you accompanying feature do her more than justice. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.