Thursday, March 05, 2009

Being a Slow Poke.

I got up very early, having to go to the bathroom in a hurry and deciding to stay up for some quality computer time and now I have been up for several hours and you would think that would be enough of that, but I love these early morning hours behind the PC with my coffee and my cigarettes and I try to prolong the pleasure as much as possible, while trying to ignore slightly impatient animals who pace around silently in the kitchen and who really want to be fed, but who darn well will have to wait. How is that for a run on sentence?

My upstairs neighbor, who is in the process of moving in, and has been for a month now, has decided to start drilling holes in the hard cement walls of his apartment and I'm sure that none of the neighbors are too happy about that, because it is really a little bit too early for that and people do want to wake up properly before they are exposed to a high level of noise that echoes throughout the whole building. I know I don't like it and he doesn't get his drilling done all at once, but does it in little bursts, so you sit and wait anxiously for the next round, but then again, the man is not too bright. He clings to everyone he sees and starts having intimate conversations as if we go way back in our relationships and we all do so appreciate our privacy. He will have to learn that the hard way and think we're all anti social.

I have just fed the animals and now it is a question of time to see how long the Überhund will let me sit here before he demands to be taken out for his walk. It is hard for him to understand that I want postponement of the start of the day, even though he can be very patient with me and wait for a long time. I couldn't ask for a better dog.

I have to do a number of chores today and I will feel very satisfied when I get them all done. I have been delaying some of them, because of circumstances, but today I will tackle them all and feel good about myself. It is always worse when you postpone jobs that are the least bit complicated, because they seem to grow larger in size with each day that you wait. They start to weigh like an anchor around your neck, when in reality they are done in a few simple steps. There is usually nothing very complicated about them, other than their ominous waiting presence in your life. Being ominous makes them seem complicated and difficult.

It seems that crocuses have been spotted, but I have not seen one yet myself. I must not hang out by the right gardens. Someone said that some other bulb plants where starting to pop up out of the ground, but I have seen no evidence of it, so I can't confirm it. I know the weeds are starting to grow in the flowerbed and that is it.

Well, the Überhund is giving me that look, so I have to go. See you in a while...

It's cold outside, it doesn't want to be springtime at all yet. On Monday we had nice weather and we sat outside on the smoker's deck and had our espressos there out of the wind and in the sunshine. We almost started believing that the weather gods were going to be kind to us again and keep giving us days like that, but then it turned cold again and it rained yesterday when I rode my bike home.

Luckily, I have indestructible hair now and it doesn't matter if it gets wet. It does what it's supposed to do and all I have to do is dry it a little with a towel. I'm thinking about getting a blow dryer, but it's hardly worth the effort, because when I've rubbed my hair with a towel, it's practically dry and I can put hairspray on it. The next time, I am having the short hair cut shorter, it's just a little bit too long to my liking now and I don't quite know what to do with it.

Well, I just solved that problem. I made an appointment to get my hair cut at 2 o'clock and I'll just have it cut a bit shorter. Easy as pie.

That means I have to get the show on the road now and get my chores started. It's nice to sit here and pretend they will just go away if I ignore them, but that's not the way it works, sadly enough.

I hope you all have a good day and nice weather. Here it looks like more rain.



Anonymous said...

We have some beautiful puple crocuses near us, I wish I'd have had my camera!

I was wondering if your new neighbour may just have a learning difficulty of some sort. He sounds lonely to me. But expecting you all to put up with his alterations at an early hour is unacceptable. I hope you get it sorted.

CJ xx

John said...

Our crocuses are covered by 13 imches or so of snow.

Today is first day above freezing since the weekend.

Snow, ice go away..

Maureen said...

Yes lots of snow still here, but they are predicting rain as it has gotten quite warm. Which means when it gets cold again.... more ice. Sigh.

Crocus, our provincial flower is a late bloomer; like everything else around here!

Hope your cut works out, that the chores get done and that you had a great day.

Elaine said...

I woke up to more snow this morning.

I haven't seen any flowers yet....although my willow tree is budding at the moment. My goldfish look a little stiff in their pond, though.

Roll on Summer!

(I wish I had hair which could be fixed with a quick rubdown and a squirt of hairspray.)

Bev said...

Glad you are sounding much better today than a few days ago.

Cold here, crocuses also, and the other day I saw the my first wild primrose.

Wisewebwoman said...

spring is in the air today, Irene, temperature is 0 which is good for where I am in Canada.
Enjoy your day!

Lane said...

We had a glimmer of mild weather and now it's back to cold with frosty mornings. Still, at least the days are getting longer.

I hope your upstairs neighbour soon realises when is an acceptable time to do his diy.

Grit said...

crocuses are out here irene, lots of yellow and purple!

jeannette stgermain said...

"some quality computer time" I like that-haha

Nora said...

I totally know what you mean about putting off simple tasks and then they start to seem huge. Good for you for tackling them.

Breakfast in California said...

No crocuses here, the slugs eat them. But I have two daffodils blooming!

Milo said...

Oh my God! I just sooo love your new hair!

Milo said...


CC said...

We got anywhere from 4.5-11inches of snow last Monday in SC!!! Strange for down here and then 71 tomorrow

Anyhow, LOVE your new hair looks so beautiful! Hope your trim makes you like it even more.