Friday, February 22, 2013


Today I was able to function like a healthy human being and the only thing I was bothered by were several instances of hot flashes, which I have been having lately, and which I am trying to blame on a late menopause. I do not think they are quick, short lasting attacks of fever, because I get them especially at night and that seems to be a very typical symptom. My hormones must be unsettled and to me that means that I am at least young enough for them to be. I will not complain about raging hormones and proudly proclaim the fact, because it puts me more in the category of early middle aged women. 

The only symptom I have left of my illness is a slightly sore body, but to tell you the truth, I hardly notice it at all and if I keep moving around, there really is no problem and I have not taken an ibuprofen all day. Now, does it say something about the strength of my body that I recuperated so quickly, or does it say something about the power of the antibiotic? 

I got all the chores done , because by being ill, some things had been left undone and gotten rather messy. That is the way it goes when you live by yourself and there is no one to clean up after you. It would have been nice to have been taken care of, but I think I got well quicker because I had to take care of myself and there were things I had to do that could not wait. Paperwork and emails and phone calls. 

At least I came out of being sick more sensible than I went into it, so it was good for something. I have gotten a completely different look on a few things in my life and am approaching them differently. I am not operating at a fevered pitch anymore. Every experience in your life is a lesson you can draw some wisdom from. 

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