Tuesday, February 05, 2013

So quietly at night.

I am drinking ice cold lemonade and it is darn right refreshing and quenching my big thirst. No doubt the sugar in it is also doing great things for my mind which needs a little boost. I want to be as sharp as a tack, but that is not always easy in the middle of the night after my first few hours of sleep. It is my intention to gather all the loose ends of my thoughts together and fix them into one cohesive whole that makes sense. Only I can decide when I have done that to my satisfaction. That point will come when I feel peacefulness inside.

When you are slipping a bit on your pedestal, it is always a good thing to regain your balance and to strengthen your position on it and stand with both feet solidly on top. I am doing that now, after momentarily having been upset by the doubts and opinions of some other people, but I am regaining my control and my usual positive attitude. I am Polly Anna, after all, and I do continue to see the glass half full. I do have enormous faith in living in the moment and assuming that fate will bring me the best possible scenarios.

Everything that is meant to be will happen, albeit with a bit of help from me. I do need to know when to leave well enough alone and let things take care of their own accord. If I force issues beyond the point that they are good for me, a bad future may be in store for me and I certainly do not want that to happen. I can set up the possibilities for events to take place, but that is all I can and should do. I can plant the seeds, but I can not pull the flowers out of the ground.

I am all done drinking lemonade and out of coffee. Luckily, I found a single serving of instant coffee from Starbucks and that made for a good cup. It will revive my brain cells anyway, which were in a slight uproar because my email program is not working. I have used up all my patience and needed some caffeine to calm me down. It is a restorative drink. I just have to make this cup last as long as I can and haste myself to the grocery store in the morning. I have yet to end up there in my busy life and we are still eating the remains of the food that I find in the kitchen. 

It is really a powerful thing that caffeine can make such a difference in the positive effect on your emotional life and I have to make sure that I always have a pot of instant coffee as a back up because the stuff is like a medicine to me and makes all the difference in the world as to my attitude. It can change in mere minutes from confused and edgy, to calm and collected just from me drinking a cup of it. I suppose you could say I am really addicted, but what a pleasant thing to be addicted to as long as you do not run out. 

I think I am okay now and can see the forest for the trees again and my optimism is back in its usual place. I do thank all the minor and major gods for that. Life looks so much better with rose colored glasses om and why should there be another way to look at it? 

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