Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

I have resorted to taking ibuprofen because it helps against the pain in my chest and my back and makes it easier to breathe, which means that I get less exhausted and can move around a little bit easier. This small amount of perking up on my side, has perked Tyke up also and we are both a bit livelier now. Tyke has even gone in search of his tennis balls and managed to get two of them stuck under the sofa already. This meant, of course, that I had to get the African walking stick to get them out from under, but at least I was able to get down on my knees to do that. I would not very easily have managed that without the ibuprofen. 

It makes me very happy to see Tyke perked up and behave in a more normal manner, even if it means me having to endlessly retrieve the tennis balls. Gandhi is doing very well too and was complaining when I got up because all the food on her saucer was gone and she obviously was hungry. I never knew she had such an appetite and very willingly opened up another small container of cat food for her of which she ate half. She is a much more contented cat now and spends a lot of time just sitting around staring happily into space. 

Tyke is jealous of the food she gets, but can not get to it because she eats on the kitchen counter and it is completely out of reach for him, although he always makes an attempt to get to it. It is as if he hopes that, by some miracle, his back legs have grown tall enough for him to finally reach it. I think he will never give up trying and it is not as if he does not get delicious food himself. 

I am living on yogurt because I do have some of an appetite, but so far I have only wanted cold things to eat. I think that today, though, I will try to fix myself a more regular meal for dinner. If I keep taking the ibuprofen, I should be able to manage that. 


Lane Mathias said...

Sounds like you've had it really bad.

Hope you start to feel better very soon, Irene.

Maggie May said...

Hope you feel much better soon. Ibuprofen is really good forr pain but unfortunately it upsets my stomach so badly that it isn't worth the risk.
I have to take Co-codomol but that isn't without side effects also.
Had to laugh at Tyke forgetting his legs are too short to get up onto the work top! You'll have to get him a ramp!
Maggie x

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