Monday, February 18, 2013

That horrible flu.

If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because he was he, and I was I.

I have that awful flu that everybody else has already had and that I thought I was not going to get because I was already sick that one weekend not too long ago. I have pain on my chest and in my back between my shoulder blades, because I have an infection there and I am taking an antibiotic for it. I think it is so strong that it would cure an elephant of whatever ailed it and I think I will be better in no time at all, but that is just me speaking optimistically. 

I go from being too cold to being too warm and I do not know which temperature to dress for. I have just taken off my bathrobe and my socks and turned the heater off and the coolness feels a lot better, but this afternoon I was shivering under the covers in my bed. 

Luckily, the Exfactor came to the rescue and picked up the antibiotics and the cat food for Gandhi that I was all out of, and he also walked Tyke who had only been out early in the morning when I still felt reasonably fit. He will be back tomorrow morning to do whatever needs to be done. I sure am going to miss him when I move up north. He is practically irreplaceable. 

This morning the orthopedic clinic called out of the blue to say that my ankle/foot brace was ready to be picked up, and I had forgotten all about it, because they had to get permission from the insurance company first as it was quite expensive. 

I did not really think it would go through and had put it out of my head completely. Well, I did think about it briefly this weekend when I went through my ankle when I was walking on the grassy field with Tyke, even though I was wearing my flat soled cowboy boots. I can only walk on even surfaces, it seems. 

I am supposed to try on and  pick up the brace on Wednesday, but I think I will call them up and make an appointment for next week when I am all better. I do not think I can quite manage riding my bike over there this week.

I think I also found another job working in the main library. My contact person at Social Services will be so happy. I want to stay one step ahead of him and find one before he feels called upon to remind me of my duties. I hope I feel well enough tomorrow to pursue this. 

I am drinking tall glasses of ice cold lemonade and they have cooled me down enormously. I think that now I need something hot to drink. You see how it is always from one extreme to another. 

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