Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Buttermilk and coffee.

I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it. 
Frank Howard Clark. 

Tyke woke me up out of a sound sleep because he had to do a piddle out back. After I got him back inside with my sleepy head, the first thing I did was drink a tall glass of cold buttermilk to quench my thirst and try to get some much needed energy.That only worked up to a point and I had to make some coffee and I just finished the first cup. I am reasonably coherent now, but will need a second one to really start making sense. 

I want another glass of buttermilk too, because the first one tasted so good. I only bought one liter of it and regret that now. I was limited in what I could buy, because of the size of my shopping bags, but the next time I am getting more buttermilk and buying less potatoes, because those took up a lot of space. It is very nice to be self indulgent and buy the things you really like, and I see no reason not to as long as they are healthy choices. 

The slowly simmered, thick slices of fresh bacon that I had for dinner yesterday tasted very good, but I have to say that I liked eating the fatty parts more than I liked eating the meat and shared that with Tyke. I don't think I am going to be fixing them anymore, because I think I am not supposed to be eating straight fat. I will switch to different cuts of pork and add the proper spices to them and braise them in the heavy enamel pot. I have to get some bay leaves and cloves of nutmeg to add to the flavor. 

Tonight I am going to be eating marinated chicken drumsticks and I will be braising them in a mixture of olive oil and butter, because I found that it gives the meat the best flavor. If I cook the chicken long enough, it will fall apart and be so tender that I should have no problems eating it. It will be the dark meat and that is the most tender and moist anyway. 

I do enjoy writing about food and I enjoy eating it and look forward to dinner nowadays every day. When you do not spend you time in agony after each meal it is a great relief and it makes eating the feast it is supposed to be. Now I am back to how I used to be twenty years ago when I took a great interest in food and enjoyed giving dinner parties and going out to restaurants and grilling people about the foods they had tried. I was a skinny person then also and that was simply because I ate healthy and wholesome foods. It was not about the quantity of food you ate, but about the quality. 


Gail said...

I believe you are healed and doing well with your decisions and your life.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

High fiving you, my fellow carnivore!