Friday, February 22, 2013


Yesterday, in the course of the day, which was the 4th day on the antibiotics, they finally seemed to have done their work and I suddenly started to feel a lot better. I got a huge desire to go outside in the cold, fresh air and walk Tyke myself, and I bundled up in my jacket and scarf and hat and gloves and did just that. It was so lovely to be outside again after having been stuck inside all those days and the cold air felt wonderful. I did not mind that it was cold, to me it felt great. And Tyke was pretty excited about being out with me also. 

That walk put a whole new breath of life into me and I really felt that I had turned the corner on being sick. I decided not to be it anymore and to try to ignore whatever minor symptoms I still have. An ibuprofen every now and then will take care of the worst of it. I am going to finish the antibiotics and act like I am well again. 

In the evening we took another walk and this time it was snowing, which I thought was just wonderful. I can not tell you how much I enjoy the elements of the weather just now, having to do without them for four days. I wanted to make the walk much longer, but I am not quite yet in good enough shape to. Maybe I will manage that today. 


Naperville Now said...

very glad that you have turned the corner...being sick is a complete drag. keep well, stay well.

Naperville Now said...
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