Sunday, February 03, 2013

When you make a decision.

On Friday night at 10 pm, my boss sent me a bunch of work to do over the weekend and I thought that was the opportune moment to let her know that I was quitting my job. I sent her an email and stated that I could not work under unpredictable and chaotic circumstances and she answered me back and said that she could understand my position completely. She also said that she would give me a good reference for my contact person at Social Services. 

I feel a bit better now, except that I still have to let that contact person know that I quit, and the reasons why, and I have no idea how he is going to react to that. The fact is that I can refer him to both my psychiatrist and my former boss and that they can provide him with the relevant information. I am fairly fed up with this whole affair and wish to close this unfortunate chapter in my life. Of course it has been a learning experience, but I want to move on from it as quickly as possible. I do not want to dwell in the negative too long. 

I have designated this as "recuperation weekend" and I am doing only pleasant things and am especially paying close attention to the animals who I feel I have neglected these last couple of days. Whenever I think of it, and wherever I am, I give them many hugs and cuddles. I need the bonding myself too. 

Another thing I have done, is take another look at the possibility of moving up North. I am short of money right now, but I can make it a longer term project, of course. I do not necessarily have to move within the next few months. 

So, instead of just concentrating on one 55+  apartment building, I have started looking at other apartments in other locations in town as well. These have longer waiting lists, but that may not be such a bad thing because it will allow me the time to save up some money. 

I have found some real nice apartments that I would move into right away if I had the chance. There is one in particular that is really a condominium, and I have fallen in love with the floor plan. I am on a total of five waiting lists now and I will see what develops. Depending on my financial situation, I will accept or reject what is offered me. 

I will again, and even more so, have to live frugally. It is all for a good cause. At least I will know why I am doing it and the end result will be worth it. 


Connie Rose said...

Hear, hear! There's nothing wrong at all with frugal living...personally I think it's the wave of the future. And better to be at the crest of the wave, be ahead of all the folks who still feel they need to measure up to society's standards of wealth, etc.

I'm so glad you quit the job. In the last 10 years of my working life, my jobs all ended up being situations where I ALWAYS felt I needed to prove myself to someone else, despite my being far more competent than most folks in the work world. I had to prove myself to get the job in the first place, prove myself to keep the job, prove myself to be worthy of the pittance in annual pay increases, prove myself to others in the organization, etc., etc. I always felt as though I was having to "give my resume" to someone, some how. The stress of that just did me in.

I'm WAY happier now, as you know. Hope this has been a good day for you, my friend. xoxo

Maggie May said...

Well, that is off your chest now & you should be able to relax a bit more.
Did you HAVE to take the job in the first place? In UK they are more or less forcing disabled to be assessed for work. Many really can't do it and there aren't enough jobs anyway. They are cutting right back on payments which seems really tough.

Hope you'll feel better now.
Maggie x

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

So glad for you that you took care of yourself and terminated this position. I don' think your boss is going to get anyone with her chaotic ways. 10 at night is no time to request work of anyone.