Thursday, February 21, 2013

Aiming for a good day.

If only we'd stop trying to be happy we'd have a pretty good time.

I think the thing to do today is to just be sick and to not concern myself with all the nagging details of my life that I lie awake worrying about. It's bad enough that I am uncomfortable in bed because I am in pain,  or that I am either too hot or too cold, but it is really no good if I lie there and let all these different scenarios run through my head constantly. It does get out of hand and I am not getting the proper amount of rest and peace of mind to get well again. Today I am going to concentrate on only that and take a huge time out from my concerns. 

I have changed from my pajamas to a pair of leggings and a proper top so I do not look like a patient so much. It does give me a bit of a different attitude and I look more presentable, although not many people will see me. The Exfactor has already been here and to Tyke's great joy, took him for a walk, but Tyke is still not back to his normal self and does not have his usual appetite or playfulness. However, Gandhi more than makes up for that. She is happy as long as there is that good food in her saucer. 

That shows you that cats are much more self centered and independent. It is not an attitude I disapprove of, because I think I am much more like a cat than I am like a dog. Although it is also true that I love Tyke more than I love Gandhi. And Gandhi loves Tyke more than he loves her. Try to make sense of that. 

It's time to go lie down in bed again. I am worn out. 

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Maggie May said...

Irene...... I recently had a bug type of thing that went on for 2 weeks. I felt quite despondent at the time & felt I'd never get over it. However, now I feel so much stronger & I'm sure you will too.
Just give in to it. Drink plenty of fluid and eat good snacks and get plenty of rest and be assured that it will pass.
Get well soon.
Luv Maggie x

Nuts in May