Saturday, February 23, 2013

Seeing the light of day.

Being sensible and sage agrees with me much better than being willful and stubborn and trying to make a dream come true at all cost and being reckless in the process. That is one great insight I gained over the last couple of days. It is like I finally came to my senses and can see the forest for the trees again and see that I was about to make some desperate moves that were not at all in my best interests. 

I was desperately in search of money to finance my move up north, because I thought that the quicker I moved, the better it would be for me. I was just about ready to sell my first born to finance the project and thought of all sorts of schemes to get the money together.  I think I became very unrealistic in my quest as I saw myself moving up quickly on several of the waiting lists and thought that my time to arrange it all was running out. 

I have stepped out of the rat race and realize that by careful budgeting,  I am going to have to save the money for the move myself and that it is going to take longer than I initially thought was necessary. I have taken myself off the lists of apartments that I was very close to the top of and now am only on waiting lists that are still relatively long.

The truth of the matter is, that now I am on the lists for apartments that I really like better than the ones that would have been available quickly. And they are not 55+ apartments, which somehow also makes me feel better. I think I was not ready to be surrounded only by senior citizens, because I am myself too young at heart still. 


Gail said...

May you find the perfect place in the perfect time.

Rudee said...

I think in order to stay youthful, you have to surround yourself with a mix in your community. Old, young and in-between. Good luck with your plan. I think the perfect place will come around in time.