Monday, February 04, 2013

When it is Monday again.

Today is a day of doing chores and running errands and I have had to write them all down in my agenda so I will not forget to do any of them. I have to write down everything I need to do or get, or otherwise it will slip through the gaps of my consciousness. That has nothing to do with my middle aged mind, but with the sheer fact that I have a tendency to be forgetful despite my need to be very organized. I have to keep myself organized because the least amount of chaos makes me malfunction. 

I never did get around to grocery shopping and Tyke and I have been living on left overs which have been very tasty. I even found some chicken thighs in the freezer and we had those last night. I fixed them in a mixture of olive oil and butter and they tasted great. Tyke automatically took up his place beside me at the dining table, but had a heck of a time watching Gandhi sit on top of it begging for the best morsels. He thought he was going to miss out on the best bits. 

I had a heck of a good time yesterday printing out the details of each apartment I am signed up for and each floor plan that goes with it. I have put those details and the floor plans each in their separate double sided plastic cover and can easily oversee everything now. This was a small indulgence I allowed myself and, after talking to my niece over the phone, I added two more apartments to my list and I am now on seven waiting lists. 

At this point in time, it has become a fun hobby because I scrutinize the floor plans and fantasize about where I would put my furniture and how much carpeting I would need and how many sets of curtains. It looks like my furniture will fit in all of the apartments, although I do have to admit that I like some of the apartments better than others and I do have my favorites. The real test will be walking into one of them and really getting the feel of it and that will be hard to do living so far away. I will have to rely on the impressions of my niece for that.

Only if my job had worked out, would I have considered staying here and when I started my job I was very enthused and thought it was possible. Now there is nothing really that important to keep me here and enough reason to move away and make a new start. I am actually more than ready to, but I am patient and can wait. I feel like I am making an important decision about my life, but at the same time giving up some control too. I am not going into uncharted waters, but crossing the boundaries a bit and at first making things a little less comfy and cozy than they were. 


laurie said...

do you know people up North? i think it would be hard for me to move to a place where i didn't know anyone. and why would your boss expect you to work over the weekend? that's just wrong.

it seems to me that you are making very good decisions for yourself.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm hungry for chicken now!
And I adore rearranging the furniture. My husband? Not so much.

Connie Rose said...

Are you signing up for apartments in Maastricht, or Essen? Good luck with it. xo