Monday, February 04, 2013

Letting time slide by.

I really must be fixing dinner now and getting ready to fill my stomach with good food, but I have just sat down with my second cup of coffee and am in a nice and mellow mood and want to enjoy this quiet moment behind the computer. The evening is young still and  there is enough time left to eat when my stomach starts to complain out loud, which it surely will at one point. 

I have fed Tyke and he is lying very contentedly on the floor beside me digesting his meal. Gandhi is eating a slice of liverwurst from her bowl that she just discovered there and she is making happy little chomping sounds. It does not take much to make those two happy and it is my pleasure to do that several times a day. It does make me feel like a great benefactor. 

I called my contact person at Social Services this morning and he was kind and understanding and really did not make things difficult for me. He did not even think it was necessary that he talk to my psychiatrist to get further information but trusted that I had informed him enough. I had a stomachache when I talked to him and had hiccups afterwards, but soon recovered from them. Everything is settled now and I can relax for a while and become my old self again. 

With the approval of my psychiatrist, I have increased the dose of tranquilizers to one tablet three times a day and they do me much good, especially my stomach which has settled down amazingly well and better than it has been in a long time. So that goes to show you that subconsciously stress played a large role in that problem. I will pay attention to my stomach now and not ignore any aches and pains. They will be a sign that something is bothering me emotionally. 

It is good to have a built in warning system that lets you know when you are on the wrong path, but it is a better thing when you are also aware of that, otherwise it does not work. It used to be that I got pain in my neck and shoulder, but I have not had that for a while. I seem to be cured of it. 

The household help was here all afternoon and got a lot of work done. She cleaned the refrigerator and threw out everything that was past is use by date. I never pay attention to those things and look past all the jars and packages that have been in there forever. A lot of those foods I was not eating anymore and had basically forgotten about. I sure do have a clean and organized refrigerator now. The queen could come and visit and I would not have to be embarrassed. That is always the highest criteria. 

I decided to eliminate one apartment from my list as one that I really did not want to live in, although the waiting list is very short. It had odd shaped rooms and not much storage and no place to park my bike and I knew I would not be happy in it. It kept nagging at the back of my mind as something that I ought not to do. I do have more choices and I do not mind being on somewhat longer waiting lists. 

Now I have to make dinner. My stomach is starting to gurgle. 

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