Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A very new day...

I'm sure my dip that I had yesterday was of a temporary nature, because today is a brand new day and I feel much better. I was up early in the morning for a little while, but clearly had not slept enough and went back to bed and slept until 11 am. I felt very good when I woke up and I was ready to face the day. I had none of the negative feelings that I had yesterday and my outlook was much brighter.

Listening to talk radio when I go to sleep is working out very well. I leave the radio on while I sleep and wake up to it as well. I fall asleep quickly listening to it and find it very soothing. All sorts of subjects are discussed and I learn a lot if I'm not asleep, but I wonder if subconsciously I don't also pick things up while I'm asleep, because I dream some very interesting things that I normally don't. I think the things I hear on the radio penetrate my mind while I´m asleep and get mixed up with what I'm dreaming at night and early in the morning.

I do have a greater desire for sleep, but I think that´s not necessarily a bad thing. I´m not as hyper as I was or I should say, as over excited, and I think that is good, because it was a bit worrisome. I felt the slightest bit hypomanic, although I would have denied it if you had asked me about it. I am now speaking after the fact, when I´m calmed down. This is a much better sort of mood to be in.

I´m very appreciative of my present mood, which is much more settled and serene and doesn´t require me to have to think of ways to keep myself constantly occupied. I can be at rest and be okay with that too. I´m not going around thinking of ways to stay out of trouble and to fill every moment of the day. It is alright to have long empty pauses too. Those are just restful moments. I can sit and do nothing at all and have peace with that and stare into the middle distance and think of nothing important at all. That´s a preferable state of mind. When nothing is really very urgent and all can be taken care of in its own good time.

The Exfactor was here this afternoon and did the very necessary groceries. I was out of all sorts of things and it was a good thing that he went to the supermarket. I plan the groceries to last me exactly one week and had run out of things. I was even out of coffee and was drinking tea, which I luckily still had enough of. I do have all sorts of tea and had the Exfactor buy me some more just in case. I fixed coffee for us when he came back from the store and it tasted mighty good, but I did make a strong pot. It met with the Exfactor´s approval anyway, so I know my coffee is good. He´s a picky person.

This particular brand of coffee has points that you can save on the packages and I´m cutting them out and saving them in the kitchen drawer. Because the Exfactor drinks the same coffee. I´ve made him promise to save his points too. I don´t really know what sort of useless things you can get with them, but if they´re free, I want to get them. I just have to find the booklet to paste the points in. I think you can get silver teaspoons and other decadent items like that. I´ll have to do some research. I´m getting real greedy. I´m a typical housewife after all, but that´s not why I drink this coffee. It is just plain good. They don´t even need to give away the points.

I had the Exfactor buy me some wheat bread and peanut butter. The wheat bread is good for me and the peanut butter I like and has protein. I haven´t been eating bread for a long time, but I think it´s a good addition to my diet. I´ll be eating it instead of the porridge, because I think it has just a bit more fiber and vitamins. I know that peanut butter is more fattening, but I don´t plan to eat the whole jar all at once. I do need more protein in my diet than I´m getting from dairy products alone. I thought about getting eggs, but then I remembered that I really don´t like them all that much and that I always forget to eat them. I would like to eat some fish one of these days, but I prefer a piece of salmon from the open air market and I never go there on the right day. There´s the problem with eating fish also, because salmon is a cultivated fish and there some question about it being a healthy to eat fish. I have to find out more about this.

We finally have nice weather today. It isn´t raining for a change and although there are clouds in the sky, the sun is shining a lot. It isn´t very warm, but you get a little bit of a sense of a nice early day in fall. Meteorologically it is fall already. It has been since yesterday. I do like the month of September because we usually have nice weather. It´s like a breather before autumn really starts.

I have to make it a point to sit in my armchair this afternoon and read my novel for a while now that I don´t read before I fall asleep. I so much prefer listening to the radio and I fall asleep quicker too. I do want to spend time reading, though, and I have plenty of books left to read. I don´t want to neglect my mind. These novels I read always give me lots of food for thought, especially the ones in which relationships and their different aspects are the focus. I learn a lot about human behavior and stop being surprised and what situations bring out what sides of a person´s character. Anything at all is possible.

What I´m looking forward to most is a peanut butter sandwich and a tall glass of milk. I think that will be my special treat for today.

Have a nice day!



Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to the radio for ages but I like your theory of it having an effect on the mind whilst you're asleep.

CJ xx

Bev said...

Glad you are feeling better.

I love peanut butter too!

Frances said...

I used to wake up with a radio alarm and I often dreamt that people I knew were having very knowledgeable conversations or playing music very well... LOLL when I woke up, I would understand why!
glad that little down blip has passed. Maybe noticing it did the trick and fended it off.


Bernie said...

I knew you would enjoy the radio, I couldn't exist without mine and now that I have sirius my radio is on all the time. I love listening to Barbara Walters, Rosie O'Donnell etc. so many women with good opinions. Enjoy your sandwich, sounds good.....:-)Hugs

Maggie May said...

Yay....... Glad you have started to listen to Talk radio as it really does lull you to sleep and sometimes I get so interested in the conversations that I don't want to go to sleep. (but I always do!)
Salmon is supposed to be one of the oily fishes that we should eat. Full of Omega 3 and all the right fatty acids.
Have a great nights sleep & hope there is a good discussion on.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Wisewebwoman said...

I've been listening to the silence lately when at home but in the car anything goes as I can plug in the Ipod and select.
I'm glad the Black Dog has been brief in his visit to you too.