Saturday, March 01, 2014

An attitude of gratitude...

Instead of eating the expensive lactose free yoghurt and muesli, I will switch to the less expensive lactose free milk and oatmeal. I will still be able to add all the extra ingredients to them and it will also be a very healthy meal. I have heard about all of the benefits of oatmeal, although I would have to look them up again to remember what they are. I have forgotten if oatmeal has gluten, but I can find that out quickly enough and it is still the question if I have a problem with that. With a bit of luck, I don't and I will be able to eat it without my body protesting.
I think the hemp seeds that I add to my yoghurt make me just a bit high, although it was said that they would not. After I have eaten them, I am just a bit disconnected from reality and I don't think it is my imagination. I don't know how I feel about this because I don't necessarily experience it as something pleasant. I assume that over time the effect will wear off and that I won't notice it anymore. I also assume that it can change on a daily basis depending on my own chemistry.  
Yesterday, I needed a refill of medicines from the pharmacy and my psychiatrist needed to fax a prescription to them. He wrote me an email to compliment me on the fact that I had reduced my medicine use down to three basic ones and on reasonable dosages. He said that it was a job well done, and I suppose that this is something that I can be a bit proud of when you consider how many sorts of medicines I used to take. At least I can add this to one of my accomplishments.
There is a bit of a thrill in realizing that it is officially Saturday, which it now is. I aired the duvets and changed the bed yesterday, so I have one of my chores done already. The others will get done little by little over the day as I think of them. I hope for a carefree day and will be grateful if that is accomplished.

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Maggie May said...

I really hope you have a carefree day too!So far the day looks good.

Oatmeal...... as my daughter has the Coeliac condition and therefore cannot eat gluten, I'm used to gluten free diets. Oatmeal is sometimes less of a problem but anyone who is really sensitive to gluten could have problems with it but the majority do not. I guess you will be fine.

Maggie x

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