Saturday, March 15, 2014

The discussion turns to food

Because of various commitments, my friend M's husband was unable to eat dinner at home for most of this past week and I have been taking his place instead because M. had, for one reason and another, an overabundance of fresh vegetables. I have had a variety of meals and some of those were cooked in a genuine black iron wok and I think I liked them best. I was very attentive when M. cooked the food in it and carefully watched what she did and I am now sure that I want a wok of my own. I will have to look around online and find out where I can get the best deal and see how much money I need to save up.
Much to our surprise, Angie, M's almost 17 year old dog, is still hanging in there and really comes back to life when I bring Tyke over. It is almost miraculous and a sight to see. She scrambles back to her feet and becomes interested in her environment again and M. says, "A day without Tyke, is a day not lived."
This afternoon the Exfactor did the groceries for me, but he had gone to the open air market and bought fresh vegetables and a salmon moat for me first because those kinds of things are so much cheaper there. I have put the salmon moat in the freezer to save for a special day, but the vegetables I will use as quickly as possible. I am looking forward to cooking for myself tonight, not having done much of it lately. I do always have a good appetite and enjoy food a lot and never mind making a meal or having a meal fixed for me. M. always cooks for me keeping my food intolerances in mind and I do appreciate that. I do so much better on the diet I follow now.
I have been using sunflower oil when I cook instead of extra virgin olive oil because it is so much cheaper and I like my food just as well cooked with it. The sunflower oil is only a quarter as expensive and I use it every day. I do notice that the food doesn't burn as quickly, so that is a nice side effect.
As to my burn out, I do notice when I begin moving in dangerous territory because stress immediately builds up and wants to find a release somewhere in my body. It feels like my throat tightens and I have to gasp for air and a dark cloud moves over my mind. I have to pay attention to these signals and heed the warning, although I don't always know what to do instead.

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