Sunday, March 09, 2014

Womens' Day.

I heard yesterday, that if you make mashed potatoes and you mix cubes of cumin cheese in with it, you get a very tasty dish. The cumin cheese melts and you get very creamy and hearty mashed potatoes. I was told that people from India did this. Now I can't wait to try it, of course, and I will have to have people over for dinner to test it on. I am sure the whole trick is to buy the best cumin cheese available and not the kind straight from the supermarket shelves, which is not the best quality.
I heard about this at a party I went to in honor of International Women's Day at my friend M's house. I met a lot of her women friends and had a very good time. We sat around the big table in her garden and chatted up a storm all afternoon until it got too dark and chilly and we had to disperse. It was the nicest afternoon I had in a long time and the most women I had been with in a long time too. I had forgotten what good company they are and what likable people women are.
There are two types of women. The kind that feel the need to compete with each other and the kind that feel secure enough with themselves to not feel that need at all. I hope I belong to the latter. I suppose the same thing is true for men, but maybe they go about it more boisterously.
The anniversary of my mother's death could not have been celebrated better, but I didn't mention it once yesterday. I didn't want to spoil the ambiance and I felt it was not necessary to bring it to anyone's attention. I built a good memory yesterday and I think it is important to do that on any kind of anniversary like that and I have a couple of them. I will make it a point to find reason to celebrate each one of them. Maybe I can organize something with my sister for the next one. She does not make it a point to remember anniversaries, so I don't even have to explain why I am organizing something.
I guess I am the elephant in the family.


Rob-bear said...

Delightful to hear that you had such a wonderful time. Those kinds of events are good for the soul.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think you are right about women.
That does sound like a swell way to celebrate your mother--and she knew you held up her spirit.