Thursday, March 06, 2014

Try that one more time...

After having been on the waiting lists for an apartment up north for a year and a half, I got a letter in the mail yesterday offering me one now that I have decided not to move. Timing is everything in life, isn't it?
Enough time has passed since I applied for an apartment that I have been able to consider the consequences of a big move, and I realized that it could possibly be much too upsetting for me. I would have to leave my whole support system behind me and try to build up a new one up there and that could be difficult and leave me in a rough spot for a while. This could have all sorts of possible effects on my mental wellbeing and I don't mean very positive ones. I have too many people in place here making sure I do well, to easily replace somewhere else, and that would make it difficult to just up and move.
I had just come to the conclusion that I would not and had started to concentrate on fixing up this apartment and making it the place that I really want to live in. It is tempting to move into a new place and making it into the showplace I want it to be, but with a little bit of effort this apartment I already live in can be also. It needs paint and wallpaper and some loving decorative touches, but they are not impossible to apply. Now that I can wrap my mind around that, I can see that it is a job I can tackle with a little bit of help from my best friends.
As it is, I found an inexpensive solution for a window treatment in the living room yesterday after thinking I was going to have to spend all sorts of money that I did not have. I do love it when I have my Eureka! moments and come up with an imaginative way to solve a problem. When you're forced to think creatively, you always find a way in the end.
So, I am not moving up north but staying in this pretty town in the south instead. It is not so strange, after all, because I have lived here for 20 years and the place has grown on me. Maybe if I had gone up north a few times since I was there a year and a half ago, the decision would have been harder, but now I have peace with it. I don't feel such a huge connection with it right now that my heart strings are pulled. I am not torn in two. That may also have a lot to do with my state of mind lately. I think being steady has done me a lot of good.


Gail said...

There is much to be said for a good support system.

I look forward to seeing your creative improvements.

Connie Rose said...

I'm glad you decided to stay put. A very healthy choice! Moving any where, especially to another town/part of the country, is such a huge emotional and energetic drain. I'm so glad for you that you don't have to put yourself through that.
I'm still on the waiting list to get into a senior low-income apartment complex, but it's here in Fortuna, and it's likely I won't get invited to move there for years to come -- because I'm still way younger than most of the applicants, and I'm in great health relative to the rest of the residents. So I've made my peace with that and plan to stay where I am until then -- regardless of the fact that EVERY YEAR the rent goes up $20 a month. A couple more increases and I'll be paying 20 percent more than when I moved in here. Oh well. I always manage.
Anyway, again, I'm so happy for your excellent decision. xoxo