Monday, March 17, 2014

Leave it to me...

I had a delicious dinner last night and I think that is partly because I have decided not to be strictly vegetarian anymore. I was concerned about getting enough protein and vitamin B12 in my diet and have decided to also eat chicken and fish. I have also decided that I can't be perfect and that a strictly vegan diet is very luxurious and a first world choice that I can't afford. I am surrounded by people who are very conscious of what they eat, and I feel rather guilty if I make different choices, but I am an adult and must be able to do so. It is when I try to please everyone else that I get into trouble with my diet.
I steamed several kinds of roughly cut vegetables with chunks of chicken and herbes de Provence. I also fried chunks of potatoes in sunflower oil. When all was done, I loaded them on my plate and had a wonderful meal and felt very satisfied and what was left over of the vegetables, I gave to Tyke and he liked them too. I am turning into a big vegetable eater this way and I think that is a good turn of events. As long as the Exfactor is able to go to the open air market and buy them for me, I can have a good choice at a good price. I will ask him to get several other kinds the next time because the sky is the limit and they are so cheap.
I am eating much healthier now than when my gastric band was tighter and I was skinnier. I was skinny because I was not eating enough food and therefor not getting enough nutrition. Now that I am heavier, I am much healthier and in much better shape, so I don't mind being a bit bigger. The day that I had the opening of my gastric band widened, was a good day. It was a big relief to be able to eat a regular meal again.


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