Saturday, March 01, 2014

Hurrying up slowly...

It is a good thing that I have decided to take the day off because the weather has turned bad and it is raining cats and dogs, although if it really were, that would be quite a sight. At least I get to find out if the new double windows in the living room are sealed properly or if rain water is going to get in them like it did in the old ones. The new windows were placed there yesterday and I hope this resolved the problem and that there is not something wrong with the wood that surrounds them.
The new windows still need to be washed, but I am not allowed to for a few days because the sealer has to dry. It will be a good job for the domestic help to do when she is here on Tuesday because she is the best at getting windows really sparkling clean. It will be a joy to have clean glass that will look as if there is no glass there at all, which was not the case with the old windows. The glass was damaged by the hard rain water that got between the two layers.
Like I said, I have decided to take the day off instead of doing chores, and the reason for that is that I was a bit worn out still from the intense week that I had. I started off thinking that I would get some things done, but when the day got a proper start, I realized how much I wanted to be a bit lazy and that all I felt like doing was take Tyke for walks. My fibromyalgia had also been bothering me more than usual, but now that it is raining, I understand why.
Because the air is so nippy and drafty, I turned on the heater and it is nice and warm in here. Keeping it warm in the apartment is one habit I have had to get into since I have developed pain in my joints. I do not deal well with damp cold anymore and have to turn the heater on sooner or I am miserable. Most people will have a low energy bill because of the mild winter and I will be the exception to that. The final total is going to be painful at the end of the year.
I remembered to water all of my plants and all but one of them are doing well. I have taken down the sheer half curtains in the living room and more light is coming in, which the plants like a lot. The two latest ones I got had to acclimatize a bit, but they are now showing signs of new growth and perked up real well when I watered them this morning. I may have to water one of them more often than once a week.. They are just like children with an instruction booklet. I am waiting for the spider plant to get its babies. That will be the real sign of success.

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