Wednesday, March 26, 2014

In my own damn good time...

Because I am so mellow now, and don't have much of a worry on my mind, I want to take the opportunity of this peaceful hour that I have to spare before I walk Tyke, and write a blog post. It is not that I suddenly have all sorts of subjects to write about, but that I feel like being communicative in a cozy sort of way like when you talk to your best friend over a cup of coffee. I do happen to be drinking one of those and this time with milk in it, which makes it taste extra good and makes my stomach happy too because it is lactose free. All I need now is a chocolate to go with it and I would be real happy, but that is a lot of wishful thinking.
I did have a cup of coffee briefly with my friend M. this afternoon when she took a break between chores, but I did not stay there for a long time because I really wanted to be home in my own environment where I am happiest right now. I am so very much a homebody at the moment, but I give myself permission to be and enjoy sitting in my armchair doing nothing very important at all. That is hard to explain when people ask me what I am doing, but then again, I owe no one an explanation. The fact that I feel at rest and peaceful is good enough for me and that's what they will have to do it with.
It is a bit of a chilly day today and I have the heater on and my bathrobe over my clothes. Needless to say, I am not very much looking forward to taking Tyke out for a walk in a while because it means getting colder than I am now. Of course it will be great to get inside again and I do have that to look forward to, and dinner, which will make me feel nice and warm and full. There are pleasures like that several times in the day. I never mind fixing dinner because the result is so satisfying and I love how I feel afterwards, which is sleepy and full and not at all uncomfortable like I used to when I ate the wrong things.
Tyke is already looking at me longingly, but he is a little bit early and I have to ignore him for now. Going for walks is his favorite activity no matter how often we walk the same route. He just keeps marking the same spots along the way and he always finds some half eaten apples to eat. I am sure it is all very entertaining to him and I do get my outings too and a bit of fresh air. That is why I am so sure that I will always have a dog because I always want to have an excuse to regularly go outside and I don't think I will do that as easily on my own.
Right chilly world, here we come.


Connie Rose said...

Home alone...where and how I prefer to live, 99% of the time, at least! xoxo

Rob-bear said...

There is, indeed, a comfort to being in one's home — one's accustomed place. And a dog as an excuse to go for a walk? Why not?

Blessings and Bear hugs, Irene!