Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Forget the blog busters...

I actually managed to sleep eight hours last night with several interruptions to go to the toilet. That's what you get when you have the habit of drinking a lot of coffee and lemonade. I did manage to go back to sleep immediately the moment my head hit the pillow, so I think I am making sleeping during the night another good habit. I think this is a direct result of having quit the sleep medication and isn't it funny how that works? If you are on it long enough, it works contradictory. It will be a hot day in hell before I go back on it again. If I have anything to say over it, I will never use tranquilizers or sleeping pills again.
I haven't done anything worth mentioning today and I am not ashamed of that. To me a day is good when I have managed to get along with myself well enough and I did today almost from the moment I got up. I was only a mess for a little while and hardly disliked myself and I knew it would not last long, so I could outwait it. Even before I finished drinking the first cup of coffee, I could see the forest for the trees and by that time the sun was up already too, so things weren't bad at all. When the time came to get dressed, I even found a totally new outfit to put on, that's how innovative I was.
Because I have single pane windows in the bedrooms, I either have to keep the heater on during the night, or sleep with the windows open. So much condensation builds up on the windows, that it collects in huge puddles on the windowsills and then drips down the walls. I put in a request today with the housing corporation for double pane windows because I know this will take care of the problem. I hope that they are as quick about it as they were about the windows in the living room. Work needs to be done to those rooms, but the conditions need to be better than they are now.
I have to rob Peter to pay Paul in order to do home improvements. I am determined to, little by little, get things done and really make the place look like a picture in an interior design magazine. I think now that I know I am not moving, I want to put all my effort into this place and get the most out of it that I can. I realize that I have to care and put that care into action. Now that I have got myself straightened out, it is time to tackle the apartment.

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Gail said...

I look forward to seeing your changes. You have such a good decorating sense.

Have a wonderful evening.