Saturday, March 22, 2014

Caring for the imbecils.

I don't want to rehash the details of my life over the last few days, so I will pretend nothing important happened at all, except for what I may mention off hand. I have my sights set on the future, although for now that only involves this weekend, but that is thinking ahead a little bit anyway. It isn't something I do much usually at all, so this is an exception to the rule, living as I do in the moment. I have decided to change my habits a little bit and start anticipating things so as to prepare me better for that which is ahead of me. I don't want to land in the middle of things emotionally unprepared like I have been. I found out that this is one of my pitfalls.
I found out that it is better to anticipate at least up to some point what may possibly happen to you over the next few days or so. To the point that this is known to you anyway. It is all very well to live in the moment, but you do have to have enough awareness of what is coming up in your life. You need to do this in order to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for whatever situation you are going to face and whatever difficulty this may bring with it. To avoid doing this is to be in denial and to ask for trouble. You don't anticipate to scare yourself, but to arm yourself against unexpected hitches in the system.
Not to change the subject (but really), I have a huge craving for dark, pure chocolate, but I don't have any in my possession. I have been brooding about this for about an hour now and hoped I would get over it, but that has not happened yet. I am going to have to search the cupboards for something sweet to eat to satisfy this craving, because I am sure I just need something sweet. This afternoon, I had a mango-passion fruit smoothie courtesy of the Exfactor, and I found that it took care of my sweet tooth very well. I had just woken up from a nap and discovered that it got me over that low that I always feel afterward just as well as a cup of coffee.
It is my believe that your body tells you what it needs and that you, up to a point, need to listen to it. It usually tells you that it has a shortage of something and that it needs a refill of that. That doesn't mean you should grab a candy bar or a cookie when you need something sweet. The other day I felt a strong need to eat a barbecued T-bone steak, but then I had a delicious tasting dish fixed with chick peas and that took care of that. I probably just needed some protein. When I make the shopping list, I let my instincts guide me when I pick out the food I have to buy. Usually that turns out to be exactly what I need.

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Wisewebwoman said...

Who are the imbecils? Oh my :)

I try not to heed my sugar cravings as I am one who doesn't have brakes.

I think I know what caused my downward slide and this has quite moved me to the other side of it.