Saturday, March 29, 2014

On a tropical island

I had a hot flash a while ago that made me wish I was on a windswept tropical island on a white sandy beach with gently lapping waves under the shade of a palm tree with a cocktail in my hand. It is only lack of funds that makes me unable to make this fantasy come true, so looking at it like that, not much stands in my way. Yes, I do always have to stay optimistic and act like anything I want to do is within easy reach. In this way I can allow myself to have any kind of daydream and assume it will come true some day. If it doesn't, it is because the time is not ripe yet.
Until I have that cocktail in my hand, I am having a tall glass of ice cold lemonade and that will do just fine too. It cools me off to the point that I can put my bathrobe on again and that is the whole purpose. That does not mean that I would not like to have some vanilla ice cream, but because it has lactose in it, I will not spend too much time daydreaming about that. It would be a futile activity.
I did just remember to take the next tranquilizer on time before I got in too bad a shape. At least I had the sense not to challenge the reason for taking it and then regretting having done so. At times my talent for illogical thinking even amazes me.
The Exfactor brought over a salmon moat as a surprise for me yesterday and I fixed that for dinner. Tyke and I enjoyed it very much and also the fried potatoes I fixed to go with it. He had bought the salmon on the open air market, but that is not something he will be able to do next week because he works the daytime shift then at his new job. It is an amazing thing that the Exfactor managed to get a job at his age in this time of high unemployment. He is very lucky indeed.
I sleep with less covers over me and the window open so I will overheat less quickly. I have also stopped wearing anything that resembles pajamas. Less is more.

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Rob-bear said...

Learning how to be one "cool" lady. Glad to hear that.

Blessings and Bear hugs!