Sunday, March 23, 2014

Things you do for your cultural needs

My sister and I went to the world famous Tefaf Art and Design Exchange yesterday afternoon and I have to say that I got my cultural needs satisfied for the next couple of weeks anyway. Probably longer than that, but the problem was that seeing all that art has made me want to go to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and get another dose of it. There were so many well known artists represented yesterday, that it has made me hungry for more, and now I want to see them organized according to category so I can enjoy them better.
Of all the paintings we saw, there were two that I wanted to take home with me, but I was prohibited from doing so by their large prices. If I could have afforded them, I would have decorated my whole apartment around them and it would have ended up looking a lot different than it does now. It seems that my taste for esthetics has changed overnight by the exposure to good art and I suddenly realized what else could be done if I had the money. It's too bad that no billionaire took interest in me yesterday. I would have been very appreciative of his wealth.
I suppose that you always have to have dreams and wishes in the odd chance that they are going to come true. When I think about the interior of my apartment, I have to remember that I wanted it this way some years ago and didn't think I would end up with it looking the way it does now. A lot of my dreams and wishes did come true. You have to keep in mind how you want something to be and slowly work towards that and keep your final goal in mind. It would help an awful lot if I won the State Lottery, but I guess it is not going to be that easy.
I do think a trip to a good museum is warranted and I will have to talk to the Exfactor about it because he is the perfect person to do this with. He is well enough appreciative of art to spend a day in a museum with and to have a good conversation about it. A person can actually be starved for art and want to wallow in the presence of it. I felt like doing that yesterday, but got an overdose of it and things were not organized in a way that I could get a good enough impression of it.
The most fun we had, by the way, was looking at the paintings of Pieter Brueghel the Younger through a magnifying glass and catching all the tiny details that he had seemed to have painted with a one haired brush. It was an amazing experience.  

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Rob-bear said...

Glad you had such a wonderful "art day."

Perhaps you will take up painting. You could decorate your apartment, and perhaps make a million or two in sales. (Well, you can dream.)

Blessing and Bear hugs!