Friday, November 30, 2012

By the skin of my teeth

Oh boy, I thought I did not have enough coffee left to make even one cup and was much discouraged but I scraped the bottom out of the two glass jars and managed to make enough for what I think is three cups actually. I am now drinking the first one and am starting to feel much better and like a well functioning human being again. Am I lucky or what? Where there is cafeine, there is hope. 

This means that I will have to go to the supermarket first thing in the morning with my shopping list and not forget to buy two packages of coffee. I was supposed to have gone yesterday but felt discouraged by the cold weather. I do not think I will make that mistake again. I do not like to live that dangerously. Life without cafeine is not an undertaking I am willing to take on. 

Being in a good mood is always my aim in life and I see no reason not to be. I so dislike being grumpy that it upsets me and I will take whatever measure to stop being it. Knowing that it usually means fixing a cup of coffee sure puts my mind at ease. 

Today is one fo those Fridays again that I enjoy so much. It is a prelude to the weekend and I usually have enough things to do to make it an interesting day. It isn't one of those days that endlessly drags on and is just non-descript and in the middle of the week with hardly any purpose at all. 

I really must not say that because I do get things done in the middle of the week. And they do have a purpose. At the end of the week all things seem brighter and more lighthearted, though. As if they are a breeze to do and easily accomplished. I know that is all in my perception but it is a reflection of my reality. 

I have got my psychiatrist's blessings to go ahead with the hypno-therapy and he wishes me much success and wants to be kept up to date on the outcome. That is the kind of positive feedback I want to hear. It is kind of thrilling when people are rooting for you like all of you have been and I thank you for that very much. 


Gail said...

It is wonderful to hear about all the new things happening with you. I wish we had a hypnotherapist closer than three hours.

I am so proud of all your great strides and accomplishments...I've been back reading.

Success will come and you will find the comfortable place you seek.

Wisewebwoman said...

Caffeine. The soothing source of so much bliss.

With you on that.


Friko said...

Still on the right path, that’s good.
Enjoy your weekend. Could you start cutting own on the ciggies?

Rudee said...

I read this just after grinding enough coffee to get me through my weekend at work. They don't have coffee in the office, so I'm packing my own and my french press. I can't work a 10 hour day without!