Wednesday, November 07, 2012

With a bandaged head.

I am sitting here with a bandage wrapped around my head which does not make me look very fashionable but it is all for a good cause so I think I will put up with it for now and leave it on for as long as is necessary. Judging by the swelling on my head that I feel beneath it, it is going to be there longer than we anticipated. I will have to call the doctor's office and find out what they think of it. At this point I'm not willing to take it off by the time I am supposed to. 

I had the cyst cut out that was infected beneath the skin on my head yesterday afternoon and because it was such a large one, it took five shots of novocaine to numb the area where it was located. Four shots all around it and one on top of it. I was very brave an did not blink an eye. When it was finally removed, it turned out to be quite a large one with a baby one attached and the doctor showed it to me at my request. It was quite an amazing thing to see.

Four or five stitches were put in and I won't be able to wash my hair for a while because I have to keep that area dry. Lickily I had washed my hair that morning so I won't have to for some days. It was my major adventure for the day and now that the numbness has worn off, it does hurt a bit but more than anything I have a terrible urge to scratch that spot. You can be sure that I won't do that. 

I stopped eating wheat yesterday because I thought it, beside the peanut butter, might be partly the cause of my intestinal problems. I think I will stick with chicken and fish and fruits and vegetables for my diet and goat cheese or some product like it once a week. How is that for a diet? I will be the healthiest person on the block, I am not even sure if I can eat the chicken because it does seem difficult to get down but that may be because of my gastric band and not being able to chew the pieces small enough. I will concentrate on fish for a while and see how that goes. 

The Exfactor and I are going to see that Woody Allen film on Friday evening and we will have dinner here first. That will make the logstics of meeting up on time easier and make sure we both have a full stomach before we go to the film theater so we won't be tempted to eat grilled cheese sandwiches there which cost an arm and a leg. I can also order the tickets on line and print them here at home. Yes, the wonders of modern technology. never cease.

I have got to do the grocery shopping in the morning and already have a list started on the white board. No doubt more items will be added to it. Shopping seems to have turned into a hobby of mine besides being a very necessary task now that I take my diet so seriously.. I feel real hunger when I get ready to fix dinner in the evening. It is not just wanting to eat but having to eat. I drink a cup of coffee to keep my stomach occupied until the food is ready.  

Being hungry does have the tendency to make me want to fix too much food but Tyke helps me eat it. I also must remember to never go to the grocery store hungry and to stick to the list. There is too much temptation otherwise. 

I will go finish sleeping now. The night is not over yet.


Gail said...

Heal quickly.

The Ex-Factor seems much less of an Ex and more a dear friend and companion. Is his mate tolerant and understanding of this generosity of his time or do I detect a renewal of romance?

VioletSky said...

I was also thinking the Ex-Factor is a good friend to you - you are very fortunate to have this relationship (though I am sure you have had to work at it!)
You will be glad to be rid of that cyst. Maybe a stylish headscarf will cover up the bandage and make you look fashionable again.

Wisewebwoman said...

Ouch that sounds a little rough, Irene, brave girl!

You deserve a good dinner and a show!!

And isn't ExF a bit of an expert on movies?


FlowerLady said...

Hope your wound heals nicely Irene.

It sounds like you and the Ex-Factor had a nice evening with dinner and movies.


Rudee said...

Ow! That sounds so painful. Feel better!

chris said...

wow! sorry to hear this and hope you heal quickly!