Thursday, November 22, 2012

The way the wind blows.

My second cup of coffee is waking me up and I am capable of stringing words into long sentences now. I slept a little later this morning because I went to bed late. The Exfactor and I went to see the movie Skyfall and it didn't end until after 11 pm. And what a movie it was, wow. I knew it was going to be good but it surpassed my expectations and what a wonderful cast it was. The action and the acting had me mesmerized form the beginning until the end and I felt truly satisfied when it was over.

We had the endive mash for dinner beforehand and it was somewhat of a success although the next time I will cook the endive for a little while before I mix it in with the potatoes. It was a little bit too raw and did not go as limp as I had expected. It is better when it is fried up again and more cooked as I did when I got home from the movie and found myself hungry. I had a platefull of it then and it tasted great and there is more left. 

This morning I have an appointment with my GP and I want to ask him why I have such trouble eating foods that are high in proteins because that seems to be the problem. I seem to do much better if I just stick to vegetables and fruit. Even fish and goat cheese and yoghurt are a problem if I am honest. I know that protein intolerance can exist as a result of liver problems and I think it is time that my liver functions are looked at because it has been a while.

Tyke was beyond happy when I got home last night until I accidentally stepped on his paw in the darkness of the hallway. He did yelp then and I felt so bad. He was so eager to greet me that he got underfoot. I very quickly made up for it and cuddled him for all it was worth until I thought I had done enough of that for him to have forgiven me. Sometimes I step on Gandhi too when we are both together in the kitchen or I threaten to trip over her when I get my legs twisted up around her small body. She is easy to overlook. 

I have got to walk Tyke and do the dishes that are still sitting there from last night. I never did get around to them. The domestic help is coming over today and I want to make sure I clean up the kitchen before she gets here. My friend Margo is also coming over and I have not seen her in a while so that will be nice. She is bringing over something good to eat with our tea and I hope it is something I can eat but it probably will not be and she will have to eat it all. I don't think she will mind that too much. 


Gail said...

I'm happy you enjoyed the movie and your pre-dinner was a success.

Enjoy your company today and your domestic help.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to see Skyfall next week - good to know that you enjoyed it! I mean, who wouldn't enjoy looking at Daniel Craig?!?

Maggie May said...

Glad you enjoyed the film.
I hope you will get to the bottom of the food problem and be given a list of things that you can eat. I've a feeling, though that it will be trial and error finding this out. Keep a list of all the things that you can digest well.
We are having a storm with high winds at the moment. hope it won't come your way.
Maggie X

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