Monday, November 26, 2012

When you feel in the groove.

I just had a little power nap in my chair behind the computer because even though I thought I was awake enough, I was clearly not and had to shut my eyes for a couple of minutes. That sure did help and now I feel like a million bucks. especially because I am also having a cup of coffee with creamer in it to make it go down smoothly. What more could I wish for? I am having one of those perfect moments. 

I sure am happy that today is Monday again being subconsciously fed up with Sunday all along. I did enjoy watching the highlights of the football honor's division and that was probably the most fun I had all day. Oh yes, I did enjoy fixing dinner and subsequently eating it and sharing it with Tyke. I had made just enough food for the two of us so that there were no left overs and there was no temptation to eat too much. 

I went to the supermarket in the afternoon after I checked my bank account balance and found out I was still solvent. I bought some interesting and not too expensive cuts of meat and had one of those for dinner. Since I have the braising pan, I have been able to fix the meats right and turn them out tender. That does make all the difference in the world when your stomach has a tendency to protest.

Tyke discovered the recycle bag with empty plastic bottles and has been taking them out one by one all day. The most important thing has been to take the caps off them and then to crush them and subsequently tear the labels off. This means he shreds them and they got scattered around the whole living room. I have let him do this because it was such an enjoyable way for him to pass the time. It was like he discovered a new hobby. I did try to clean up the mess as he went along. 

Gandhi pretends she is oblivious of Tyke's activities and walks around the mess as if it is not there, It has absolutely nothing to do with her. She probably thinks he is a silly dog for making such a big deal out of it. She aims for the kitchen and her kibbles and that is her main concern. 

I have bought a delicious bottle of "home squeezed" juice that was on sale. It has the juice of several exotic fruits in it plus the pulp. I bought it as a treat for myself and am looking forward to drinking it straight from the bottle without pouring it into a glass first. I want to be perfectly decadent because it is a glass bottle. Normally this juice is too expensive to buy for me but I am always tempted. It is too bad that foods that are good for you are also the ones that cost the most. 

I have to go back to bed for a while. I have to sleep another forty winks. No doubt I will be more than ready to go when I get up again.


Gail said...

Sounds like a wonderful beginning. Many do not have a choice to return to bed.

The juice sounds divine.

Friko said...

I love a little power nap during the day. I only get up at night when I really can’t sleep. Being retired I can afford to be dozy during the day.

Enjoy your special juice. These thick juices are a bit too sweet for me.

I just read that you have already done your Christmas shopping. Well done! I haven’t given it a thought yet. Perhaps I better start.

Wisewebwoman said...

It's a shame that the processed foods are so highly subsidized, isn't it. I find the same. I left my juicer in Toronto and miss it so am stuck buying juices too....
Enjoy your day and have more perfect moments.... :)