Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black coffee also does it.

After sleeping for about four hours, I am up again and after a grunpy start am starting to feel a bit better. I did have to drink two cups of black coffee to get into this better frame of mind. For a while there I thought I was going to stay grumpy and never think a friendly thought again. It was a little premature of me to think it and I am doing much better now. I actually see the glass half full and can be my optimistic self again. That is my most natural way of being and I would hate to go through life any other way.

The reason that I am drinking black coffee is that I ran out of creamer and I think I am not going to buy any again. Although it made the coffee taste very nice, I do think that it really does not agree with my stomach so it is better if I do not use it. I again have come to the conclusion that it is better that I do not use dairy products. This is after also trying yoghurt and cheese. You can not say that I did not give it an honest try. 

I had to cancel my appointment with the dietician because I found out that he was not covered by my health insurance. Next year he will be in my insurance package again and I will go see him then.. That will give me ample time to figure out how I react to a dairy free diet that does include meat. I am not at all sure about the meat yet and it is only an experiment to eat it. I will try it for a while and if it also turns out to be a problem, I will eliminate it from my diet. 

I think it is time that I start making vegatable soups again because that is when I really did well health wise. I will have to go to the Turkish vegetable and fruit man and stock up on produce. It really is the most sensible thing to do and a very good way to get my vitanins in and eat healthy and without a care. I think I got off track somewhere along the line and I have to try and get back on it. I really do know enough about nutrition to make the right choices and at this point I am not making them. 

It is very pleasant to be up in the middle of the night and to get my head straightened out about these things. It is when I do my clearest reasoning. I could not come up with these straight answers during the day because I am too distracted by ordinary living then.  During the day is when I have to think about such mundane things as doing the dishes and the laundry and walking Tyke. I do not get a chance to examine my thoughts and motivations and excuses too deeply. 

Speaking of laundry, I do have a big enough load that I need to hang up to dry on the clothing rack in the bathroom. I was very virtuous yesterday and changed the bed and slept nicely between clean sheets. There is no greater pleasure but. I do have to buy a new duvet cover and pillow case and I will do so when I have saved enough money after I have quit smoking. I want to buy the good quality kind at my favorite department store. It will be a treat that I will not deny myself. And just think of the pleasure it will be to get into bed then. 

I have to go beack to bed because I need to sleep some more if I am going to function well in the morning. The sun also rises. I have nothing on my agenda and I will in a way have the day off. I am sure I will find ways to amuse myself and not be bored.

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Rudee said...

I awakened today thinking I need some vegetables! Who wakes up thinking of vegetables? I'm glad I'm not alone.

Some brands of coffee upset my stomach. Sometimes it's not the brand, but the beans themselves. I can buy the same brand in a different roast and all of a sudden, my stomach starts churning!