Thursday, November 08, 2012

When you do better than well.

After much procrastinating, I did get around to doing the groceries this morning, and once I got to the store, I spent a lot of time there and read labels and chose each item with care. I must have been inside for an hour and the amount of groceries that I ended up getting did not warrant that amount of time. I think half of the time I was with my head in the clouds contemplating groceries that the store should have had but did not carry and that I looked for futily. 

I did discover sheep cheese but was not adventurous enough to want to try it and stuck with yoghurt made from goat milk instead. I was already glad enough that I found that. I do wish there were more alternatives to products made from cow milk and I can't try those made from soy beans. Besides, those are against my principles. Huge swatches of jungle are wiped away to make room for soy bean plantations and I do not want to be a participant in that money making scheme. 

I bought three kinds of fruit that were relatively affordable and filled a big bowl with them that is sitting on the kitchen counter. It is my intention to eat this in the morning for breakfast but not all at once. It will take me a while to eat three pieces of fruit and I will have to take a time out between each piece. Tyke is very much interested in the pears and thinks he can eat a whole one which I won't let him. They are too precious for that.

Instead of buying orange juice, which is rather expensive, I bought juice flavored mineral water and made darn sure there was no apple juice in it. I had brought my glasses to the store so I would be able to read the labels. Apple juice gets snuck into any kind of mixed juice or drink possible because it is relatively cheap so don't believe all those adds about apple juice being good for your toddler.

I am drinking coffee right now because I love the way it makes me feel and I get an enormous kick out of it. The new coffeemaker is ever so much better than the old one and it is a pleasure to make coffee in it. I will make sure that I run a bottle of cleaning vinegar through it on time. I think I have found the right proportions of ground coffee and water but I have claimed that in the past and changed my mind so I may do so again.

I am going to reitterate my claim that you should always buy quality products if you want to take the aggrevation out of your life and be kind to yourself. That old coffeemaker cost ten euros and always was a pain in the neck. 

I got a birth announcement in the mail today from the domestic help who I used to have on Mondays. She had a baby boy a little on the small side but then she had told me that her other boys were too. As far as I know, this baby was carried full term because I seem to remember that he was due right around this time. I will have to get a gift and mail it to her. I don't think she is coming back to be my domestic help because I just got another regular one. 

I have got to eat a plum now and I will have to do that at the table with a napkin because they are juicy and I will see what Tyke thinks about it. No doubt he will think it is wonderful even if he really does not like it. He will think so simply because I am eating it. 

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Wisewebwoman said...

How is your head?

You sound very well indeed.

I read labels too.